Costs & Financial Aid

Financial Supports

TR@TC students receive over $70,000 in generous financial support in addition to various other benefits provided by the program. In exchange for this financial package, residents agree to teach in high-need schools in New York City for a minimum of three years. The financial support packet is subject to funding availability from the federal government. TR@TC will express all finalized financial support offerings in writing within the program acceptance package.


TC Stipend

Residents typically receive the dollar equivalent of 22 Teachers College credit hours in the form of a stipend. At the current 2021-2022 tuition rate, this totals $40,458

The above stipend will be awarded in four equal installments of the dollar equivalent of 5.5 credit hours beginning in the program's first semester. Please note that funding does not extend into the final fifth semester of the program.


Federal Living Stipend 

Residents are provided with a $30,000 living stipend that they can use for living expenses or the remaining Teachers College tuition cost.

The above stipend will be awarded in four equal installments of $7,500 beginning in the program's first semester. Please note that funding does not extend into the final fifth semester of the program.


Out-of-Pocket Cost for Tuition & Fees

Residents are responsible for the following estimated range if both the TC and Federal Living Stipends are used for tuition and fees: $11,922 - $15,600*. As a prospective graduate student, other expenses to account for are the application fee, books, certification costs, fingerprinting, health insurance, room & board, transportation, etc. *The range is based on the current tuition rate for 44 and 46 credit programs for the academic year 2021-2022.


Additional Funding Opportunities

In addition to the financial aid above, we encourage you to explore other relevant funding opportunities below offered by Teachers College and external sources. To apply for other TC Scholarships, you must complete the scholarship application within the application for admission. 

Please visit the Office of Financial Aid website to learn more about Special Scholarships such as the Abby M. O'Neill Fellowship, City Year Scholarship, and the Posse Foundation Fellowship; Internal Sponsored Fellowships such as the Arthur Zankel Urban Fellowship; and External Sponsored Grants such as the TEACH Grant and Teacher Opportunity Corps Program.

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