Application Steps


Applying to TR@TC 

  • Review Eligibility Requirements. Be sure to review the eligibility requirements of the TR@TC program pathway you choose.
  • Decide Which Program Pathway You’re Applying to. Choose one pathway, among a range of program options. This will inform the certifications you will earn as well as your experience while in TR@TC.
  • Check the Application Deadlines. Submit your application on time. 
  • Take any Required Exams. If you are applying through a TESOL program pathway, then the GRE is an application requirement. Other program pathways do not have any testing requirements. NOTE: If your native language is not English and you have not received a baccalaureate (undergraduate) degree from an institution where English was the sole official language of instruction, you must submit official scores from an accepted English proficiency exam. Click here for more information.
  • Decide if You’re Applying for Spring or Summer Entry. Review spring and summer entry student sample schedules by clicking here. TR@TC does not offer a fall entry option. 
  • Update Your Resume: Your resume should be a chronological listing of your employment history, educational history, academic endeavors, and other significant activities. Find more information about what to include in your resume here.
  • Write Your TC Statement of Purpose: For information about what to include in your TC Statement of Purpose, click here.  
  • Write Your TR@TC Supplemental Essay: The TR@TC supplemental essay is an academic essay that requires applicants to respond to a prompt by synthesizing your own personal experience and
    assigned sources. Prior to the opening of the application, this prompt is available upon request. Just email us at
  • Select A Writing Sample: Select a piece of writing of any genre (e.g., an academic paper from a previous class, a story you’ve written, a poem, or lyrics you’ve penned) that makes you particularly proud and captures your voice. This piece can be of any length.
  • Request Transcripts From All the Schools You Have Attended: Make arrangements for official transcripts from all higher education institutions to be submitted to TC, even if you took one class or did not finish a degree. NOTE: If you are an applicant who has completed, or is completing, undergraduate and/or graduate degrees at institutions outside of the United States click here for information about submitting your transcripts.
  • Request Two Letters Of Recommendation: You should request letters from individuals who can speak from personal knowledge on your academic or professional qualifications for TR@TC and why you’d be a good teacher. If you have been out of school for years, you may use professional recommendations. Recommendations written by family members or friends are not appropriate for this application.
  • Explore Financial Aid Options: Check the Costs page for up-to-date information.
  • Get Started on Your Application by Clicking Here. When beginning your application, in the Program Information section, select the following preliminary options:
Area of Interest: Teacher Education & Teacher Certification
Program: [choose one of the following]
Intellectual Disabilities/Autism - Adolescence (Teaching Residents Program)
Mathematics Education (Teaching Residents Progam)
Teaching Biology: 7-12 (Teaching Residents Program)
Teaching Chemistry: 7-12 (Teaching Residents Program)
Teaching Earth Science: 7-12 (Teaching Residents Program)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - TESOL (Teaching Residents Program)
TESOL/Teaching of English (Teaching Residents Program)
Degree/Certification: Master of Arts - Initial Certification 

What Happens Next?

  • Wait to hear whether you've been invited for an interview experience - We will reach out one to two weeks after the application deadline to give you details about next steps.
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