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Frequently Asked Questions

When placing Teaching Residents in a school and partnering them with a Mentor Teacher, we consider many factors, including strengths, weaknesses, interests, personality, and where you live. This process happens in the summer before beginning your residency, once we have had an opportunity to get to know you and have had a chance to become more familiar with the program and NYCDOE schools.

No. This program only accepts candidates who do not hold teacher certification in any area. However, if you have previously completed a teacher preparation program but never received certification, you qualify to apply.

Teaching Residents are responsible for finding their positions in NYCDOE high-needs public schools. TR@TC offers support with this job search through job counseling, assistance in developing resume and application materials, and providing access to our wide network of schools where our alumni work. To date, none of our alumni have been unsuccessful in finding an initial position.

Yes. The English Proficiency Exam requirement is based on the language of instruction at the undergraduate level/institution. For applicants who received their baccalaureate degree from an institution where English is not the sole official language of instruction, TC requires either the TOEFL or IELTS (taken within the past 2 years). The exam would be required regardless of where you received a graduate degree.

Please reach out to us! We have accepted students who had GPAs below 3.0 on a case-by-case basis.

September 1st of each year, but you're encouraged to gather your applications materials much earlier.

No. When you select a program in your application portal, be sure to choose an option that includes "(Teaching Residents Program)" at the end in parentheses. All application materials are sent to all those who make decisions about your entry into the program.

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