Sample Student Schedule

What does a TR@TC's Student Schedule Look Like?

Below is a sample of what a general schedule looks like. "Spring" refers to Spring Entry, and "Summer" refers to Summer Entry. "Both" refers to both entries.

Students take courses in-person during all terms, including during the residency.

  • Spring Entry: two days in mid-January
  • Summer Entry: two days in mid-May
  • Both, 1st Summer: four days during the first week of August for Residency
  • Both, 2nd Summer: four days during the second week of August for Induction
Certification Courses In-person at Teachers College (TC)
  • Both: 2-4 classes in-person at TC, 2-3 days a week, for 4-5 terms
  • Courses are usually 5-7 pm and 7-9 pm, M-TR during the Fall & Spring
  • Courses are usually during the day and evenings, M-TR during the Summer
TR@TC's Four Core Courses, In-person at TC
  • 1st Spring or 1st Summer: Field Work and Observations
    • Spring: M-W, mornings & two afternoons, late January through late June
    • Summer: M-W, mornings, late May through early June
  • 1st Summer: Intensive Summer Institute and Global Citizens
    • Both: Thursdays, mornings & evenings, late May through June 30th, and
    • Both: Monday to Friday, 9-5 pm, after July 4th through late July
  • 1st Fall & Following Spring: Integrating Seminar
    • Both: Fridays, between 10-3 pm, mid-September through mid-June
Residency: Co-Teaching w/ Mentor Teacher
  • Both: M-TR, September 1st through late June, 8-3 pm.
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