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What Makes TR@TC's Induction Program Innovative?

Learn more about how Carolyn benefitted from her commitment to TR@TC. She shares how TR@TC equipped her with the necessary tools to teach the whole child while teaching her as a whole person. She believes TR@TC's way of modeling what they preach is an effective way of teaching anything, in general.

TR@TC continues to provide her with Induction support via professional development opportunities, such as serving as a Residency Supervisor!

Induction and Beyond: Two Years of Mentorship for Our Teachers

Upon graduation from TC, our TR@TC alumni (a.k.a. Induction Residents) participate in a two-year Induction program and are paired with an Induction Mentor who provides individualized support in navigating the multifaceted joys and challenges of teaching in NYC public schools. 

TR@TC is committed to supporting our network of teachers throughout their entire career trajectory, with a strong focus on teacher wellness and career longevity. To that end, TR@TC's Induction program also includes funding for resources to help enhance the practice of Induction Residents and supplement the learning of their students. After the end of the two-year Induction program, TR@TC continues to prioritize teacher sustainability and career longevity through:

  • providing opportunities for collaboration and community building,
  • targeted professional learning opportunities,
  • offering support and guidance to enhance professional status, including National Board Certification,
  • coaching teacher leaders through the development of workshops and leading PLCs, and
  • creating opportunities to apply for supplemental funding to support curriculum projects and professional endeavors.

Our mission is to support the growth and learning of new educators in ways that enhance their capacity as teachers, encourage proactively addressing social justice issues, strengthen collaborative creative problem solving, and continue developing their passion for fostering students' learning.


Our vision is to establish a strong network of teachers who

  • are dedicated to providing opportunities of rich, authentic, and meaningful learning for self and students;
  • intentionally earn and foster positive and productive relationships with the communities of colleagues, students, families, friends, and neighbors that they have joined;
  • have the wisdom and courage to lead through listening and the humility needed to acknowledge and act on ideas and expertise that can be found in the community; and
  • develop attitudes of innovative problem solving, even in times of struggle and frustration.
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