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NY Daily Op Ed - One rotten attack on school meals

Imagine a school encouraging students to read, then replacing their books with videogames. That’s essentially what a new proposed rule would allow schools do — but for healthy eating. The goal of the National School Lunch Program is “to safeguard the health and well-being of the nation’s children.” Yet, the Trump administration is threatening to open cafeteria doors to saltier, fattier processed foods, flouting the federal government’s own dietary guidelines.

Louder Cafeterias Could Mean Students Eat Fewer Fruits and Vegetables

When was the last time you were in a school cafeteria? If it wasn’t recently, you might be surprised at how loud they are! Between conversations about whether to choose chicken or a burger and conversations about what to play at recess, the large room can get quite noisy. A new study in Appetite from Program in Nutrition alum Matthew Graziose explores whether cafeteria noise, among other environmental factors such as recess timing, plays a role in students’ eating behaviors at lunch.

New Study: Does Mexico’s ‘soda tax’ have a signaling effect?

A new study in PLOS One by Program in Nutrition alum Dr. Cristina Álvarez-Sánchez et al., explores if awareness of Mexico’s national soda tax, and the accompanying highly visible campaign on why to drink less soda, had an association with how much soda people drink.

Even Well-Designed Nutrition Education Was Not Enough to Decrease Childhood Obesity

new study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior from Tisch Food Center Executive Director Dr. Pam Koch, Director of the Program in Nutrition Dr. Isobel Contento, along with other researchers evaluates whether Food, Health and Choices, a nutrition education curriculum and classroom wellness policy program, is able to lower students’ body mass index (BMI).

Tisch Food Center Gathers Nutrition Educators Across NYC for Food-Ed Summit

On October 2, we convened over 75 food and nutrition education professionals, advocates, and school community members from across the city to explore forming a coalition with a shared vision that ALL NYC school children deserve healthy, equitable, sustainable, and culturally responsive food access and education.