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Games and Activities

Tisch Food Center produces free, interactive food and nutrition-based educational materials that are fun and accessible for both non-academic and academic settings.

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Creature 101 game image

Creature 101 is a free, fun online game designed after the inquiry-based nutrition science curriculum Choice Control and Change (C3) that aims to promote healthy eating and physical activity behaviors
for 6th-8th graders (although anyone can play!). This game meets common core standards. It can be
used alone or in addition to C3. Watch a preview here.

Game premise: Teen science wizard Murphy created a wormhole to another world called Tween. To gain the trust of this world's creatures he gave them sweets, chips, soda, TV and video games. The creatures loved these “gifts” so much that they started to replicate them. Then Murphy saw something disturbingthe lively creatures he had first encountered were getting very sick! Can you help Murphy save them? Adopt a creature and show the creatures of Tween how to get back on the healthy track!

Apple game

Originally developed for the i2 Camp curriculum, the purpose of the Apple Game is to introduce students to our food system. Students begin to understand the interacting parts of the system that
gets our food to us; and to also explore how the various choices along the way determine the
healthfulness and environmental impact of the foods we eat. In the game, campers become apples
from all over the country that travel through the seven steps of the food system. In the end, campers evaluate how successful thier apple was in it's journey through the food system.

NY Produce Picture

These lessons were created in conjunction with the NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets' Farm
to School Program. They include 9 vegetable and fruit fact cards accompanied by simple 20 minute classroom activities and can be used along side NYS’s Produce Trading Cards.

Dance Breaks

Teachers – looking for an easy way to keep your classroom focused, energized, and productive? Research shows that brief bouts of physical activity during the school day increase learning, can raise test scores, and even help to improve behavior. 

Try a Dance Break! Dance Breaks can take place in any classroom for any age group – no experience
or skill necessary. Students watch a short instructional video to become familiar with the moves. Then, the class follows a choreographed dance together. Dance breaks are a fun way to promote physical activity and foster a healthy, caring classroom environment.

Visit the full Dance Breaks website for all the videos and instructions.