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College Ombuds

Dr. Marie Miville, College Ombuds

Stephen T. Peverly, Ph.D. joined Teachers College as an assistant professor in 1986. Currently, he is a Professor of Psychology and Education, Director of the Ph.D. Program in School Psychology, College Ombudsman, former Chair of the Department of Health and Behavior Studies (2010-2016) a Fellow of Division 16 of the American Psychological Association (School Psychology), an elected member of the Society for the Study of School Psychology (SSSP) and Honorary Professor of Cognition and Education at the Universidad del Norte, in Barranquilla, Columbia. His courses include: The Psychology of Memory: Cognitive and Affective Bases; and the Development of Reading Comprehension. Over the past 20 years his research has focused on cross cultural investigations of the development of young students’ math skills and the cognitive, affective and motivational processes that underlie reading comprehension and studying, especially lecture and text note-taking.

Before coming to Teachers College, Professor Peverly worked as a School Psychologist in Massachusetts from 1976 to 1979. He returned to graduate school in 1979 and graduated with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University in 1983. Subsequently, he did a three-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Learning Research and Development Center at the University of Pittsburg from 1983-1986.

The College Ombuds is a resource available to students, faculty, and staff for resolving problems and conflicts. Members of the College community can use the services of the Office when they need assistance or advice, or after other efforts have not succeeded.

The Office provides information and explains options for resolving a wide range of problems and rectifying many situations affecting the academic or work life of members of the College community. The Ombuds responds to all concerns and continually works for a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved in a situation.

The work of the Office is confidentialimpartialindependentand informal

Dr. Peverly may be reached via phone at (212) 678-4169 or via email at