Members of the UAD provide patient education throughout NYC

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Laboratory for the Study of Upper Airway Dysfunction

Members of the UAD provide patient education throughout NYC and surrounding areas

Dr. Michelle Troche and Dr. Alexandra Brandimore, together with several UAD masters students, have been attending a variety of events around NYC to educate patients and their families on the newest research, treatment and management techniques for speech swallowing, and cough dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease and related disorders.Last semester the members of the UAD attended the MJ Fox Family Education Conference. More recently members of the UAD have also attended Parkinson’s support groups in Brooklyn and Yonkers, NY. At the Parkinson’s disease support groups, Dr. Troche and Dr. Brandimore presented information to the patients and their families about managing Parkinson’s disease and the services and research opportunities provided by the UAD lab, including SpeechVive and Expiratory Muscle Strength Training.

The Cure PSP Family Conference took place in Flushing, NY. The conference aimed at providing people with the opportunity to learn more about PSP, CBD, and MSA and to develop a sense of community. Many different speakers with in-the-field expertise, such as neurologists and movement disorder specialists, provided the patients and their families with information addressing the best ways to manage symptoms, the impact of the disease on the family, and how to cultivate a perspective of meaning and joy despite the struggles of the disease. Dr.Troche participated in a panel discussion focused on the role of the speech-language pathologist and dysphagia management in the care of people with PSP.

The members of the UAD look forward to participating in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk in Central Cure PSP Family Conference:

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