UAD members win awards at the 2016 Dysphagia Research Society Annual Meeting

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Laboratory for the Study of Upper Airway Dysfunction

UAD members win awards for their presentations at the 2016 Dysphagia Research Society Annual Meeting in Tucson, Arizona

The International Dysphagia Research Society Annual Meeting took place on February 25-27, 2016 in Tucson, Arizona. This annual meeting is designed for a variety of clinicians and researchers with focus on the research surrounding the management of swallowing disorders in diverse populations and throughout the lifespan. 
Several members of the UAD presented their work:
Troche, M.S., Brandimore, A.E., Schumann, B., & Hegland, K.W.  Clinical Predictors of Airway Protective Dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease.  
Brandimore, A.E., Hegland, K.W., & Troche, M.S.  Volitional Up-Regulation of Reflex and Voluntary Cough in Healthy Older Adults and Parkinson’s Disease.  
Hegland, K.W., Brandimore, A.E., & Troche, M.S.  Airway sensation is blunted in adults with Parkinson's disease compared to age-matched older adults.  
Rajappa, A., Soriano, K., Zeimer, C., & Malandraki, G.  The relationship between vocal pitch elevation and aspiration: Adding to the evidence. 
Mishra, A., Malandraki, G., & Sheppard, J. J.  Components of Mealtime Duration in a Natural Environment Correlate with Feeding and Swallowing Performance in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Pilot Study
The UADs research was very well received.  In fact, Dr. Alex Brandimore received a third place oral presentation award for her work and Dr. Troche third place poster presentation. Additionally, Dr. Troche and Dr. Hegland (Director of the University of Florida UAD) won first place at the DRS first annual jeopardy tournament.