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Welcome to the Dean Hope Center

The Center is recruiting new members to participate in the group psychotherapy services. The Center offers Women Support Group, Emotional Skill Group and Parenting Group. All groups are co-led by student clinicians from the PhD programs in School Psychology, Counseling Psychology and Clinical Psychology. If you are interested in learning more about the group services, please contact our main office for further information.

Kelly, School Psychology Student

As a first year student at Teachers College, I had the privilege of having hands-on experience with assessment from day one of my program. In my first semester, my partner and I worked collaboratively with one client. During the second semester, I had my own client where I conducted a full psycho-educational assessment, and had a chance to observe our peers administering various batteries. In only one year of graduate school under my belt, I have experiences with three client cases, and independently administered over fifty assessments. After having this extensive hands-on experience with clients, I feel extremely confident in my abilities as a practitioner. I cannot wait to start my filedwork placement at a local school in the fall.

Melissa's Story

My son’s school teacher referred me to the Dean Hope Center after I learned that my son was behind in reading. After submitting an application form, the reading coordinator contacted me to conduct a brief  assessment of my son’s reading and writing ability. At the time, I was between jobs, and my financial situation was very tight. The service fees were adjusted to an affordable rate based on my family’s household income. My son met with student reading specialists twice a week for three academic semesters. The services were very professional. I was very pleased to know that I did not have to compromise my son’s learning opportunities because of my financial situation.

David's Story

I have been coming to the Dean Hope Center for over two years now. At first, I applied for the vocational and career counseling service. I was recommended to complete two vocational interest assessments, which helped me understand how my interest and personality traits impacted on my career decision. The student therapist also assisted me to discover other factors that prevented me from achieving my career goals. Upon completion of the vocational/career counseling, I was transferred to work with a student therapist who focused on cognitive behavioral therapy, which helped me change thoughts and behaviors that hindered my pursuit of a new career.   


 The Dean Hope Center for Educational and Psychological Services (DHCEPS) is an integral part of the teaching and training programs in Clinical, Counseling, School Psychology, Learning Disability and Reading Specialist. The Center works in a two-folded way; first it offers students the opportunity to integrate theoretical coursework with practicum experience within a multidisciplinary setting. This training is foreseen by highly qualified supervisors.  Simultaneously, the DHCEPS offers affordable psychological and educational services to individuals, couples, and families residing in the nearby neighborhood of the New York City area. The emphasis is on respecting and working with clients from diverse, multicultural contexts regardless of age, racial and ethnic background, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, and religious or cultural affiliations.  DHCEPS also commits to maintaining a liaison with community-based agencies and organizations such as schools, hospitals, and mental health clinics, among others.


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