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Anna Neumann

Professional Background

Educational Background

  • B.A., University of Texas, Austin
  • M.A., University of Texas, Brownsville and Edinburg
  • Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Scholarly Interests

Anna Neumann's research and teaching interests include the pedagogies of liberal education, teaching and learning in urban colleges and universities serving first-generation learners, professors and their intellectual careers, qualitative research strategies and methods, and doctoral students' learning of research and development as researchers. 


Her most recent book, Professing to Learn: Creating Tenured Lives and Careers in the American Research University (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009), analyzes the scholarly learning and development of 78 early midcareer professors in diverse disciplines and fields and working at five major American research universities.  Recent writings have focused on liberal education and culturally relevant pedagogies; professors' learning in their teaching, research, and service; cognition and learning in higher education organizations; aesthetic dimensions of scholarly learning; and doctoral students' learning of research in education and the social sciences. 


Neumann has been named a Fellow of the American Education Research Association (AERA) for "exceptional scientific and scholarly contributions to education research" and "significant contributions to the field," and in 2013 she was elected to membership in the National Academy of Education.  She is a recipient of the AERA Division J Exemplary Research Award presented to scholars “whose published research has made an outstanding contribution to knowledge and understanding in the field of higher education.”  She is the immediate past president of the Association for the Study of Higher Education and directs the Program in Higher and Postsecondary Education at Teachers College.  Effective September 1, 2013 she will be Chair of the Department of Organization and Leadership at Teachers College.

Videotape of Professor Neumann’s Presidential Address to the Association for the Study of Higher Education, November 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada:

Selected Publications


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office hours

ORLH 4011: Curriculum and instruction in higher education

An introduction to trends and issues pertaining to curriculum and instruction in U.S. higher education. Internal and external influences on curriculum and teaching, and implications for college and university classrooms. Examination of key trends and developments, including the impact of the new scholarship of teaching.

ORLH 4830: Transforming the curriculum: Theory and practice

This course is designed to explore both the cognitive and cultural implications of curriculum design. It emphasizes the theoretical and practical implications of curricular transformation based on the new scholarship of gender, race, ethnicity, and class, as well as student intellectual and interpersonal development.

ORLH 5011: College teaching and learning

Designed for individuals who aspire to college teaching. This course emphasizes research on student learning, multiple pedagogies (such as experiential learning, learning communities, effective lecture, discussion, evaluation approaches, and curriculum design). The course stresses the implications of diversity in the student population.

ORLH 5526: Advanced professional seminar: Advanced professional seminar: The literature of higher education

Permission required if not a student in the program. Intensive analysis of research/writings on problems and issues in postsecondary education. The course is intended for Ed.M. and Ed.D. students in the program. Other students in the college who wish to enroll should obtain permission of the instructor. Analysis of selected classic and contemporary works that have influenced thought and affected public opinion and public policy related to higher education. Topics vary from year to year.

ORLH 5527: Advanced professional seminar: The college professoriate

Review and discussion of the research and literature, diverse roles, and expectations that characterize the position of college professor, with attention to implications for professional and personal development.

ORLH 6557: Research practices in higher and adult education

ORLH 6558: Research practices in higher and adult education