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Britt Kjerstin Hamre

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

C&T 4123: Curriculum and instruction in elementary education

Permission required. An introduction to teaching, learning, and curriculum in elementary classrooms, including: learning processes, instructional planning, child observation and assessment, classroom management and environments, working in urban, diverse, and inclusive settings, and culture and community. The course emphasizes the relationship between theory and practice, and supports students in the development of self-analytic, reflective, and problem solving skills. Special fee: $100.

C&T 4124: Curriculum development in elementary education

Permission required. Continuation and extension of C&T 4123, with an emphasis on curriculum design issues, standards, and multi-level curriculum development. Students work in teams to develop multi-grade/age curriculum.

C&T 4143: Multicultural social studies in the elementary and middle school

Permission required. Teaching, learning, and curriculum development in social studies including a critical examination of content and methodology, current practices and issues, state, and professional standards. Materials fee: $20.