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Caroline Camunas

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

HBS 5551: Bioethics

Review of bioethical issues in society, health care, and health care delivery.

HBSN 6503: Advanced topics in theories of nursing

Examination of current issues, utility, and applications of nursing theories. Critical analyses of selected theories.

HBSN 6540: Seminar on dissertation design development

Permission required. Prerequisites: HBSN 5043, HBSN 6503, HBSN 5005, statistics, and certification. Required of all doctoral candidates. Group critique of dissertation proposals; focus on beginning- to intermediate- level aspects of analysis of theory and research design. This course may be repeated as often as necessary until the student is ready for the departmental examination. Once HBSN 6540 is taken, continuous fall/spring enrollment in the course is required until the semester during which the departmental examination is held.