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Craig Richards

Professional Background

Educational Background

  • B.S., (Environmental Economics) University of Wisconsin at Green Bay
  • M.S., (Educational Administration), University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
  • M.A., (Economics), Stanford University
  • Ph.D., Education (Interdisciplinary Studies), Stanford University 

Scholarly Interests

School finance, equity, adequacy, and efficiency, especially the dynamics of state policy in promoting or undermining them. Institutional incentives. The strengths and weaknesses of market approaches to education. Performance accountability systems. Ecological and dynamic systems modeling of educational processes and outcomes.

Selected Publications

Financing Educational Systems: Policy and Practice (Co-Author) (Merrill/Prentice-Hall) (2008)

The Ecology of Educational Systems: Models, Tools and Cases for Improvisational Leadership (Co-Author) (Merrill/Prentice-Hall) (December 2004)

Risky Business: Private Management of Public Schools (Co-Author) (Economic Policy Institute) (1996)

Rethinking Effective Schools (Co-Editor) (Prentice-Hall)(1990)

Microcomputer Applications for Strategic Management In Education: A Case Study Approach (Longman, Inc.) (1989)

ORLA 4046: School finance: Policy and practice

Examination of the judicial and legislative involvement in school finance reform, taxation, and the equity and efficiency of local, state, and federal finance policies and systems.

ORLA 4900: Research and independent study in educational leadership

For students wishing to pursue independent study and/or research on topics not covered in regular courses. Requires faculty member's approval of a study plan, reading list, and final paper or other products or projects. Permission required from individual faculty.

ORL 5521: Introduction to research methods in education

This course meets a departmental requirement for an introductory course on empirical research in education and organizational studies. The goal is to help students be able to access, comprehend, synthesize, and utilize research, to support and facilitate the research efforts of others, and to begin to prepare to conduct their own research. Students read exemplars of published research, along with texts about research design, data collection and analysis, and strategies for assessing the validity and trustworthiness of research. The course covers qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches to research, such as experiments, surveys, case studies, ethnography, and action research.

ORLA 6461: Internship in school and school district leadership

A 450-hour supervised field experience in school district leadership. Partially satisfies New York State requirement for School District Leaders certificate. Permission required.

ORLA 6900: Directed research and study in education leadership

For students wishing to pursue independent study or original research as they prepare for their doctoral certification examination and/or dissertation proposal. Permission required from individual faculty.

ORLA 7500: Dissertation seminar in educational leadership

This course provides students the opportunity to discuss topics related to the preparation of their dissertation proposal in a seminar format. Students present their ideas and writing for feedback from the instructor and other students. Students may enroll in this seminar once. Permission of the instructor is required.

ORLA 8900: Dissertation advisement in educational leadership

Individual advisement on the doctoral dissertation. Students register for this in the first semester after their dissertation proposal has been approved and continue registering in this (or in another course, with sponsor approval) until the dissertation is completed. Requires ongoing consultation between the student and dissertation sponsor. The fee equals three points at the current tuition rate for each term. Permission required from individual faculty.

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