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Adriana Abdenur

Professional Background

Educational Background

PhD, Princeton University, 2006 (Department of Sociology)
MA, Teachers College Columbia University, 2000
AB, Harvard University, 1997 (Department of East Asian Studies)

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

professional experiences

Prior Academic and Policy Positions

Assistant Professor of International Affairs, The New School, 2006-2009

Consultant, The World Bank, 2000-2009


professional presentations

"The Politics of Slum Upgrading in Rio de Janeiro" Guest Lecture at New York University, New York, October 2009

"New Actors, Old Habits?  The Bank of the South and International Aid in Education Development" Paper presented at the Comparative and International Education Society regional meeting, Lehigh University, PA, October 2009

"Urban Networks: A Critical Geography Approach" Democratizing International Relations conference, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, March 2009 

"Urban Development and Evictions: A Comparative Perspective" Guest Talk at the World Economic Forum Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, November 2008
“Mapping the Favela: The Politics of City Maps in Rio de Janeiro” Guest Lecture at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 2008

“Environmental Justice in Brazil and China” Guest Lecture at the Program for Environmental Journalists NGO, Beijing, China, June 2008

“Build andThey Shall Come? China’s CBDs and Their Repercussions for Urban Inequality”Prosperity and Inequality Conference, India China Institute, New York City, March 2008  

“Urbanization for Globalization: Central Business Districts in China” Shenzhen Panel, The NewSchool, February 2008 

Chair: Panel on the Urban Environment, India China Institute, New York City Residency, March 2008 “Free Speech and the New School” Human Development and Capabilities Association Conference, New York, NY – September 2007

“Three or Four Things You Can Do With a Favela: Comparative Urban Governance in Brazil” Latin American Observatory Annual Conference, The New School, April 2007

“Favela Policies in Rio de Janeiro: Changing Policies” New York University - February 2007

“Urban Social Policy in Contemporary Brazil” Latin American Studies Conference, Columbia University – November 2006.

“The Landless and the Roofless: Social Movements in Comparative Perspective” Brazil Center, SIPA, Columbia University - October 2006.

“Comparing Subnational Government and Policy in Mexico, Brazil, and Peru” Panelist, Latin American Studies Association conference, San Juan, PR – March 2006.

“Removal, Neglect and Upgrading: Slum Policies in Urban Brazil Since 1990” Fellowship of Woodrow Wilson Scholars, Princeton University – December 2005.

“Capturing the City: State, Class and Segregation in Rio de Janeiro” Center for Migration and Development. Princeton, NJ - April 2005

“Economic Restructuring and Class-Based Segregation in Rio de Janeiro” American Geographers Association annual meeting. Denver, CO - April 2005.

“The Effects of Crime on Political Mobilization in Rio de Janeiro Favelas” Center for Latin American Social Policy, University of Texas-Austin. Austin, TX - March 2004

“Opening Doors Upstairs: Networks and Social Capital among Ipanema Doormen” Culture & Inequality Workshop. Princeton University, NJ - February 2004

“Cross-Class Interaction and Mobility among Low-Income Service Workers in Rio de Janeiro” Eastern Sociological Society conference. Philadelphia, PA - March 2003

“Intergenerational Mobility and Parental Strategies Among Ipanema Doormen” Program for Latin American Studies, Princeton University, NJ - September 2002

“Horizontal Networks of Technical Cooperation in Education” Guest Speaker, Columbia University Teachers College. New York, NY - May 2002

“Can Affinity Trump Authority? Southern Development Knowledge and South- South Cooperation in Education.” Comparative & International Education Society, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, MA - October

“Regional Cooperation in East Asian Development” Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations Conference. Jakarta, Indonesia – June 1996