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Beth H Fisher-Yoshida

Professional Background

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Human and Organizational Systems, Fielding Graduate Institute
  • M.A. Organizational Development, Fielding Graduate Institute
  • M.A. Special Education, Teachers College
  • B.A, Buffalo State College
  • B.S., Buffalo State College
  • Scholarly Interests

  • Conflict resolution (collaboration, framing & perspective taking, critical reflection & reflexivity).
  • Intercultural communication.
  • Transformative learning.
  • Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM).
  • Selected Publications

    "Moral Conflict and Engaging Alternative Perspectives"; in Deutsch, M., Coleman, P.T. & Marcus, E. (Eds.); The Handbook of Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice, Jossey-Bass, 2006.

    "When Meaning is Coordinated for Transformation in Conflict: CMM and Critical Reflection;" Transformative Learning Conference Proceedings; October 2005.

    "Reframing Conflict: Intercultural Conflict as Potential Transformation"; The Journal of Intercultural Communication, Volume 8, June 2005.

    "Transformative Learning in Human Resource Development: Successes in Scholarly Practitioner Applications: Conflict Management, Discursive Practices in Diversity and Leadership Development;" Kathy D. Geller & Ilene Wasserman co-authors; Association for Human Resource Development, Conference Proceedings; February 2005.

    "Conflict Resolution at Multiple Levels Across the Lifespan: The Work of the ICCCR"; Peter T. Coleman co-author; Theory Into Practice, Vol.43, No.1, Winter 2004, Ohio State University

    Creating and Disseminating Knowledge"; Post-conference paper,  Interrupting Oppression and Sustaining Justice (IOSJ); February 2004;

    "Self-Awareness and the Co-Construction of Conflict"; Human Systems: The Journal of Systemic Consultation and Management, Volume 14, Issue 4, 2003;

    "Reconstructing ripeness: A study of constructive engagement in complex, intractable systems of conflict." w/Coleman, P. T., Hacking, A., Stover, M.. Paper presented for Division 48 at the American Psychological Association conference in Toronto, August 2003.

    "Theorists and Practitioners Engage: Developing an Intervention in Conflict Resolution"; Action Research Symposium; Fielding Graduate University; July 2001;

    "Japan Needs New Perspectives - step outside the box"; article in Daily Yomiuri newspaper, Japan, April 2001

    "Positive Mind-Set Said Key in Dealing With Economy"; interview in Nikkei Weekly, Japan, April 2001

    Fisher-Yoshida, B. (2000). Altering awareness of self, relationship and context in conflict resolution: Impact, feedback and reflection. Dissertation Abstracts International, 61/03, 1694B, (UMI No. 9966201)

    "To Emote or Not to Emote: A Relationship Between Emotions, Culture, and Conflict"; SIETAR International Journal, Vol.1, No.2, Fall 1999

    "Culture, Communication and Conflict"; Masako Hamada co-author; SIETAR International Journal, Vol.1, No.1, Spring 1999

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