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Charles C Harrington

Professional Background

Educational Background

A.B., Syracuse University
Ph.D., Harvard University

Scholarly Interests

Human development in social and cultural contexts. The study of Pathmakers: resiliency, resistance, invulnerability and success in at-risk populations. Psychological anthropology and education. Psychoanalytic anthropology.

Selected Publications

Paths to Success: Beating the Odds in American Society (Harvard University Press).

Educational Policy in an Era of Conservative Reform (AMS Press).

Race, Sex, and National Origin: Public Attitudes of Desegregation (AMS Press).

Psychological Anthropology and Education (AMS Press).

ALERTA: A Multicultural, Bilingual Approach to Teaching Young Children. (Addison-Wesley)

A Psychological Anthropology of Depression.  in progress.

principal publications

ITSF 4012: Cross-cultural studies of learning

Analyses of basic anthropological concepts, with particular reference to the influence of cultures and subcultures on the learning process, to education in multicultural classrooms, and to the relevance of psychological anthropology to educational issues. Four-point enrollment requires attendance at film showings before or after class and additional discussion sessions held at hours to be arranged.

ORLJ 4901: Research and independent study in social-organizational psychology

ITSF 4902: Research Independent Study:International Transcultural

Research Independent Study:International Transcultural

ITSF 5000: Methods of inquiry: Ethnography and participant observation

This course examines the methods of the social sciences as they relate to ethnography and participant observation. The course emphasizes the role of theory, characteristics of various research techniques, and the importance of integrated research design. The course provides opportunities to practice ethnographic research techniques, including developing a research question, designing a study, interviewing, conducting observations, and analyzing data.

ITSF 5013: Psychological anthropology

The concepts, theories, and methods of psychological anthropology. Cross-cultural studies of learning processes. Emphasis on recent work in the field, prob lems of cross-cultural methodology, and the study of socialization.

ITSF 6511: Seminar in psychological anthropology

Permission required. Prerequisite: ITSF 5013. A research seminar focusing on current issues in psychological anthropology.

ORLJ 6901: Advanced research and independent study in social-organizational psychology

ITSF 6910: Studies in anthropology and education

Advanced students may register for intensive individual study of some aspect of their concentration. Registration is only by permission of the instructor under whose guidance the work will be undertaken. Times for individual conferences will be arranged. Enrollment may be for 1 or more points each term, and registration is not limited to one or two terms.

ITSF 6911: Workgroup in psychological anthropology

This workgroup meets every other week to discuss current issues in psychological anthropology. It also discusses and reviews current research and proposals for research of workgroup members, including faculty, alumni, and doctoral students concentrating in psychological anthropology.

Documents & Papers


Download: Behavioral Scientists Comment [PDF]

1978. Equal Opportunity Review. Summer. pp 1-14

Download: Bilingual Education, Social Stratification and Cultural Pluralism [PDF]


Download: Bilingual Education 1980 [PDF]


Download: Clergyman as Counselor [PDF]


Download: From the Editor [PDF]


Download: Perspectives on Desegregation [PDF]


Download: Education Policy [PDF]


Download: Issues from the Issues [PDF]


Download: Jackson's Meadows [PDF]


Download: Discussion: Making Culture [PDF]


Download: Methods and Issues [PDF]


Download: Pupils, Peers and Politics [PDF]


Download: Review of Suares Orozco [PDF]


Download: Review: Al-Issa and Dennis [PDF]


Download: Review of Effective Education [PDF]


Download: Review: Levy [PDF]


Download: Review: Hannerz [PDF]


Download: Review: Ogbu [PDF]


Download: Schools & Peers [PDF]


Download: Successful Women [PDF]