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Carine Ezzedine Allaf

Professional Background

Educational Background

2006 – 2010                Ph.D. in International Comparative Education, University of California, Los Angeles.

                                    Dissertation: “An Exploration of Higher Education Graduation Rates: A Case Study of Women in Jordan.”

                                    Committee: Val Rust (Chair), Edith Mukudi Omwami, Linda Sax, James Gelvin.


2001 – 2002                M.A. in Elementary Education. Teachers College, Columbia University.

                                    Masters Thesis: “Who Am I? A Social Studies Curriculum for Grades 1-3.”

Teaching Certification: N-6 Pennsylvania, New York.


1997 – 2001                B.A. in Psychology. Lehigh University.

Minor: Education


Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

professional presentations


Allaf, C. (TBD). Centrality of Family on Decision Making: The case of Jordan. In Issam Fares Institute and   UNICEF MENA (Eds.), Situation Analysis on Youth and Adolescents in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

Rust, V. and Allaf, C. (TBD). Fundamentalism, Terrorism, and Islamic Education. In H. Daun and R. Arjmand (Eds.), Handbook on Islamic Education. Springer.

Allaf, C. and Washington, K. (2009). Review of Educational Initiatives for Vulnerable Iraqi Children in Jordan.   UNICEF Jordan Country Office; Relief International-Schools On Line – Internal Report.

Rust, V., Johnstone, B., and Allaf, C. (2009). Reflection on the Development of Comparative Education. In A. Kazamias and R. Cowan (Eds.), International Handbook of Comparative Education. Springer.

Allaf, C. (2006). Carine Allaf’s Inquiry: My Search for the Perfect Classroom. In C. Oyler (Ed.), Learning to Teach Inclusively: Student Teachers’ Classroom Inquiries. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

custom course list

  •  Issues and Institutions in International Education
  • Education in Emergencies
  • Women and Education in the Middle East
  • Politics, Conflict, and Education
  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Change in National and International Education Settings