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Carine Ezzedine Allaf

Professional Background

Educational Background

2006 – 2010                Ph.D. in International Comparative Education, University of California, Los Angeles.

                                    Dissertation: “An Exploration of Higher Education Graduation Rates: A Case Study of Women in Jordan.”

                                    Committee: Val Rust (Chair), Edith Mukudi Omwami, Linda Sax, James Gelvin.


2001 – 2002                M.A. in Elementary Education. Teachers College, Columbia University.

                                    Masters Thesis: “Who Am I? A Social Studies Curriculum for Grades 1-3.”

Teaching Certification: N-6 Pennsylvania, New York.


1997 – 2001                B.A. in Psychology. Lehigh University.

Minor: Education


Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

professional presentations

·      The patriarch as an enabler in the completion of higher education: The case of women in Jordan at the Comparative and International Education Society Conference, 2011.

·      Invited Panel: The Middle East Uprisings: An invitation to reflect on comparative education research at the Comparative and International Education Society Conference, 2011.

·      Centrality of the Family in Women’s Higher Education: The Case of Jordan – Invited to present a Research Briefing at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut, July 2010.

·      Invited to participate in the Comparative and International Education Society’s New Scholars Workshop, 2009

·      Why don’t they graduate? A literature review of women’s tertiary completion rates in Jordan at the Comparative and International Education Society and at the Student Researcher Conference at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2008

·      Why don’t Jordanian women graduate? A theoretical look at gendered experiences in higher education in Jordan at the Center for the Study of Women’s Thinking Gender Conference, at the University of California, Los Angeles, 2008

·      Lebanon and the Palestinian Refugees: Education for All? at the Middle East and Central Asia Politics, Economics, and Society Conference at the University of Utah, 2007

·      Writing Workshop in the Elementary Classroom at the Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, 2005

·      Differentiated Instruction: How to reach ALL learners at the Mini-NESA Conference at the American Community School at Beirut, Lebanon, 2003


custom course list

  •  Issues and Institutions in International Education
  • Education in Emergencies
  • Women and Education in the Middle East
  • Politics, Conflict, and Education
  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Change in National and International Education Settings