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Catherine Elizabeth DeLazzero

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.A. in English, Oberlin College 
M.A. in English Education, Teachers College, Columbia University
Ph.D. candidate in English Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

Scholarly Interests

student writing; writing assessment; digital writing technologies; atypical embodiment; embodied writing and embodied pedagogies; engaged pedagogy; public education, equity and access; comprehensive educational opportunity; civic engagement

Selected Publications

professional organization membership

Conference on College Composition and Communication
Council of Writing Program Administrators
National Council of Teachers of English

professional presentations

A&HE 4151: Teaching of writing

The course integrates theory and practice for teachers. Topics include the textual character of genres, critical perspectives on writing instruction, research on writing, evaluation and assessment of writing, and classroom methods for teaching writing. This course is taught with A&HE 4156, Writing: Nonfiction, as part of a 6-credit block. Special fee required.

A&HE 4156: Writing: Nonfiction

A non-fiction writing workshop. This course is taught as part of 6 credit block with A&HE 4151: Teaching of writing. Special fee required.