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Christine Elizabeth Pawelski

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

HBSE 4031: Education of students with physical disabilities

Curriculum development and research-validated methods of instructing students with physical disabilities from early childhood through adolescence in regular classes, special classes, hospitals, and home instruction.

HBSV 5013: Strategies for nutrition education and health behavior change

Understanding and application of theoretical frameworks from the behavioral sciences and education to design and deliver food and nutrition education and physical activity, promotion to various groups and to facilitate the adoption of healthful behaviors. Includes both didactic and field practice components.

HBSE 5901: Problems in special education: Intellectual disability/autism

Qualified students work individually or in small groups under guidance on practical research problems. Proposed work must be outlined prior to registration; final written report required.

HBSE 6401: Advanced internships in special education: Intellectual disability/autism

Permission required. Post-masters level. Intensive in-service internship at agency chosen to meet individual students needs. Students submit reports analyzing experiences.