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Cameron Lawrence Fadjo

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

MSTU 4031: Object-oriented theory and programming I

Communicating with computers and humans through programs. Uses a graphic language to formalize the concepts behind software structure and a current, widely used implementation language such as Java to construct representative applications. Special fee: $45.

HUDK 4035: Technology and human development

Examines the use and design of various educational technologies (computer software, multimedia shareware, TV, World Wide Web sites, etc.) from the perspective of basic research and theory in human cognitive and social development. Provides a framework for reasoning about the most developmentally appropriate uses of technology for people at different ages.

MSTU 5031: Programming II

Prerequisite: MSTU 4031 or a solid basic knowledge of programming. Applies programming to significant problems using Java or C++ to construct salient applications. Special fee: $45.

MSTU 5814: Work conference

Permission required. Occasional brief conferences convened by Communication, Computing, and Technology on subjects of special interest. Special fee: $35