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Carmen Martinez-Roldan

Professional Background

Educational Background

Ph.D.       Language, Reading, and Culture

                 College of Education, The University of Arizona,

                 Tucson, Arizona,

                 August 2000

                 Areas of concentration

                 Curriculum, Language, and Literacy

                 Children’s Literature

Dissertation title: The Power of Children’s Dialogue: The Discourse of Latino Students in Small Group Literature Discussions. Kathy G, Short, Ph.D. Adviser


M.A.         Education

                 University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, 1994

                 Areas of concentration

                 Curriculum and Teaching- Spanish

                 Administration and Supervision of Schools

Thesis: Funciones del maestro: Procesos de evaluación en la filosofía del lenguaje integral [Teacher’s Roles: Assessment within the Whole Language Philosophy]


B.A.         Secondary Education: magna cum laude

                 Major: Spanish

                 University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, 1979

Scholarly Interests

Teaching and learning in bilingual contexts; Young Latino students’ literacy/biliteracy development; Latino/a children’s literature; Computer-mediated activities and Biliteracy; Immigrant children’s education and literacy development; Sociocultural theories of learning; Discourse analysis; Qualitative research.

Selected Publications

Martínez-Roldán, C. M. (2013). The representation of Latinos and the use of Spanish: A critical content analysis of Skippyjon Jones. Journal of Children’s Literature, 39(1), 5-14.

Martínez-Roldán, C. M., & Smagorinsky, P. (2011). Computer-mediated learning and young Latino/a students’ developing expertise. In P. R. Portes & S. Salas (Eds.),Vygotsky in 21st century society: Advances in cultural historical theory and praxis with non-dominant communities (pp. 162-179). New York: Peter Lang.

Martínez-Roldán, C. M., & Newcomer, S. (2011). “Reading between the pictures”: Immigrant students’ interpretations of The Arrival. Language Arts, 88(3), 188-197.

Martínez-Roldán, C. M. (2005). Examining bilingual children’s gender ideologies through critical discourse analysis. Critical Inquiry in Language Studies: An International Journal, 2(3), 157-178.

Martínez-Roldán, C. M. (2003). Building worlds and identities: A case study of the role of narratives in bilingual literature discussions. Research in the Teaching of English, 37(4), 491-526