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Daniel Hoffman

Professional Background

Educational Background

Ed.D., Instructional Technology, Teachers College (expected May 2012)
M.S., Education, Pace University (2003)
B.S., English Literature, St. Michael's College (1998)

Scholarly Interests

  • Games and learning
  • Multimedia learning
  • Design and development of interactive learning environments

  • Selected Publications

    current projects

    MSTU 5003: Theory and programming of interactive media: Part 1

    Aimed at students who are interested in building instructional multimedia in Adobe Flash. Provides students with tools for understanding, analyzing, and constructing Flash-based multimedia in a hands-on manner. Examples and mini-tutorials abound. Theory and design are integrated to ensure that students emerge as authors of well-designed, educationally-sound media.

    MSTU 5030: Intelligent computer-assisted instruction

    Prerequisite: MSTU 4133. Participants study ideas about the representation of knowledge, models of the learner, and teaching strategies that have been developed in artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology, as well as develop and test intelligent computer-assisted instruction materials for topics of interest. Special fee: $35.