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Elizabeth D Fraga

Professional Background

Educational Background

PhD                 Counseling Psychology, Ph.D.
                        University of California, Santa Barbara

PhD                 Internship: Columbia Presbyterian Hospital    
MS                   Industrial-Organizational Psychology, MS.
                        California State University, Long Beach


Scholarly Interests

Research/Clinical Interests: Multicultural Counseling Competencies, Latino Mental Health, Women Mental Health, Health Psychology, Supervision, Bilingual Therapy, Relationship Issues, Ethical Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Identity Development, Cross-Cultural Counseling

Selected Publications

active professional organizations

American Psychological Association
American Counseling Association
New York Psychological Association
National Latino Psychology Association

CCPJ 4064: Theories of Counseling

Approaches to counseling; theories and research findings; educational, vocational, and personal counseling; typical problems; illustrative cases.

CCPJ 4068: Counseling women

Emphasis on the factors that influence the familial and intrapsychic issues of women. The integration of theories provides a framework for understanding the implications of womens development for counseling and psychotherapy.

CCPJ 4070: Counseling Linguistically Diverse Populations: Latina/o Psychology

Emphasis on gaining knowledge of the diverse demographic make-up of Latinos, including multiple races, ethnicities, cultures, values, beliefs, traditions, social classes, and reasons for immigration. Students will learn the psychosocial issues impacting Latinos in the US and culturally linked factors known to influence the therapeutic treatment process, including immigration, racism, poverty, and acculturation. The course will also cover the recent counseling research on culturally relevant psychological assessment instruments and empirically supported treatments for Latinos. *Please note this course will be taught in English Instructor(s): Elizabeth Fraga

CCPJ 4560: Professional and ethical issues in psychological counseling

Professional orientation for Ed.M. students in psychological counseling. Ethics and professional issues; employment opportunities and work settings (masters only).

CCPJ 5025: Group Counseling

Prerequisite: Admission into the Ed.M. program in Psychological Counseling or Ph.D. program in Counseling Psychology; CCPJ 4064, CCPJ 5371. Students will explore the functions of group counseling in meeting client needs. Emphasis will be placed on theory and principles of group process and on the development of group skills through participation in class role-plays and in a group counseling experience. Attention to the practice of effective group leadership will also be addressed.

CCPJ 5371: Foundations of counseling

Permission required. Limited enrollment. Prerequisite: For majors section, admission into the Ed.M. program in Psychological Counseling or Ph.D. program in Counseling Psychology, CCPJ 4064 completed or taken concurrently; for non-majors section, CCPJ 4064 recommended but not required. A laboratory experience for counselors and others in the helping professions. Practice in clarifying, understanding, and responding to personal communications. Graduated exercises and videotapes are used to develop counseling and interviewing skills and desirable counselor attitudes. Special fee: $30.

CCPJ 5372: Foundations of counseling skills II

Permission required. Limited Enrollment. Continuing laboratory experience for helping professionals in further development of basic counseling skills with emphasis on increasing ones self-awareness and self-reflective ability. Practice and experience in attending, influencing and helping skills through in-class discussions, experiential activities, weekly journals, and counseling/clinical integration. Exploring assets and defenses that may facilitate or hinder therapeutic transactions.

CCPJ 6330: Basic practicum in individual counseling and psychotherapy

Open only to doctoral students in counseling psychology. Permission required and enrollment limited. Individual work with clients under supervision on a range of issues and problems. Personal, social, relationship, educational, and vocational adjustment and developmental focus.

CCPJ 6569: Professional ethics and standards in psychology

Ethics and standards of psychological practice and research. Limited to doctoral students in psychology. Others by special permission.

Elizabeth D Fraga appeared in the following articles:

Meeting the Needs of Hispanic Patients (1/6/2005)