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Marie Volpe

Professional Background

Educational Background

  • B.A., Psychology, Iona College
  • M.A., Organizational Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Post-Graduate Studies, Harvard University, Institute for Lifelong Learning

Scholarly Interests

  • Qualitative Research Process and Methods
  • International Adult Education Initiatives

Selected Publications

Aggaral, B., Volpe, M. and Blair, J.  (Forthcoming: Fall 2011) Challenges, Needs and Experiences of Recently Hospitalized Cardiac Patients and their Informal Caregivers: A Qualitative Study.  American Journal of Cardiology

Volpe, M. and Goldman, N.,(in progress) Engaging Students in the Classroom: What Educators Can Learn from Comedians

Finger, M., Volpe, M. and Asun, J. (1995) Learning Our Way Out: The Theoretical Implications for Adult Education. Paper presented at Adult Education Conference.  Helsinki, Finland, 1995

Marsick, V. J. and Volpe, M., Eds (1999)  Informal Learning on the Job,  in The Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) Series 3.      

Volpe, M.  Managing Organizational Change, Paper presented at Workplace Learning Institute, N.Y., June 1993.

Volpe, M. (1992) The Relationship between Organizational Change and Informal learning in the Workplace. Doctoral Dissertation.  Teachers College, Columbia University.

Volpe, M. Professional Learning in a Petrochemical Multinational: Challenges and Issues.  Paper presented to Commission on Professional Education, American    Association of Adult and Continuing Education, Pre-Conference, “Professionals’    Ways of Knowing,” Montreal, Canada, October 1992.

Volpe, M. How an Integrated Formal Training curriculum can Support the Organization’s Business Strategy, HRD Advisory Committee, Paper presented to the University of Texas at Austin, June, 1991.

Volpe, M. Preparing a World-Class Workforce:  Educational Partnerships for the 21st Century, The New Jersey Department of Higher Education Conference, Trenton, N.J., May 1991.

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ORLD 5053: Developing and managing adult learning programs

Organization studied in relation to community structure and social forces. Topics covered include: Finance and facilities, personnel, program, and community relations. Major emphasis on case analysis.

ORLD 5900: Research and indepedent study in adult education

Permission required. Conduct research studies (not a part of a doctoral dissertation) under guidance. Focus on a particular institution or type of institution, e.g., college of liberal arts, professional school, community college.