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Gary Natriello

Professional Background

Educational Background

A.B. Princeton University; A.M., Ph.D. Stanford University

Scholarly Interests

Social organization of online learning. Social dimensions of performance assessment. School and classroom organization. Schooling for at risk-youth.

Selected Publications

Natriello, G. (2012). Online assessment and diverse learners.  In J. Banks, (ed.). Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

Asunka, S., H. Chae, & G. Natriello. (2011). Towards an understanding of the use of an institutional repository with integrated social networking tools:  A case study of PocketKnowledge.  Library and Information Science Research, 33, 80-88.

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Anwar, F., H. Chae, & G. Natriello. (2010). NetPosse:  A tool for connecting users in virtual communities.  "font-family: 'Times New Roman Italic'; ">Journal of Systems, Cybernetics, and Informatics, 8, 1, 67-71.

Asunka, S., H. Chae, B. Hughes, & G. Natriello. (2009). Understanding academic information seeking habits through analysis of web server log files:  The case of the Teachers College library website.  Journal of Academic Librarianship, 35(1), 33-45.

Natriello, G.  (2009). High stakes testing and teaching to the test.  Pp. 1079-1089 in L.J. Saha and A.G. Dworkin (eds.).  The New International Handbook of Teachers and Teaching.  Berlin:  Springer.

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biographical information

Gary Natriello is the Gottesman Professor of Educational Research and Professor of Sociology and Education in the Department of Human Development at Teachers College, Columbia University.  Professor Natriello teaches graduate courses in the social organization of schools and classrooms, the social dimensions of assessment processes, the sociology of online learning, and research methods. 

Professor Natriello is the Director of the Teachers College EdLab, a design and development unit devoted to creating new educational possibilities for the information age.  Professor Natriello is the executive editor of the Teachers College Record and the Director of the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College.

Professor Natriello holds an A.B. (English) from Princeton University, an A.M. (sociology) from Stanford University, and a Ph.D. (sociology of education) from Stanford University.  He has also been a post-doctoral fellow in the NIMH Program in Structurally Induced Social Problems and Mental Health in the Department of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University.

Professor Natriello's research interests include school organization, evaluation, at-risk youth, and the sociology of online learning.  Professor Natriello is the author of several books, including Schooling Disadvantaged Children:  Racing Against Catastrophe (with E.L. McDill and A.M. Pallas) and From Cashbox to Classroom (with W. Firestone and M. Goertz). Recent articles include:   Data Mining Journals and Books:  Using the Science of Networks to Uncover the Structure of the Educational Research Community (with Brian Carolan); Modest Changes, Revolutionary Possibilities:  Distance Learning and the Future of Education; Imagining, Seeking, Inventing: The Future of Learning and Emerging Discovery Networks; and Online Assessment and Diverse Learners.


Centers and Projects


EdLab is a design, development, and research unit that envisions and pilots knowledge projects for a fundamentally different education sector that is attuned to the emerging post-industrial world. EdLab engages in work that has the potential to contribute to the improvement of educational institutions today and the broader evolution and reconfiguration of future educational services.

The possibilities for enhancing education in all its forms are greater than they have ever been. Driven in part by new technologies of communication and knowledge representation and in part by new understandings of how individuals and groups learn, the prospects for advances in the design of educational tools, processes, and institutions have never been brighter. However, with new possibilities come new challenges to develop educational opportunities that truly meet individual and societal needs.  EdLab addresses those challenges directly by pioneering new forms of educational tools, processes, and institutions.

The mission is to engage in conceptual development, demonstration projects, and new educational research to explore and document diverse possibilities for the future of education. This mission is pursued by involving scholars and educators at Teachers College and around the world in a continuing conversation about the future for education. The work is shaped by an evolving assessment of ongoing changes in the conditions for education.
The work of EdLab is organized in five foundational areas: Reimagining Schooling, Innovations for Online Learning, New Directions for Online Publishing, Efficiencies in Educational Research, and Charting the Future of Libraries.

TC Record


The Teachers College Record (TCR) is journal of research and commentary in the field of education. The journal is directed to a general audience and includes scholarly work in all areas of the field of education. Published continuously since 1900, the Teachers College Record currently publishes commentaries, book reviews, and full-length reports of empirical research and conceptual contributions to the field. New content appears online weekly, and print issues are published on a monthly basis. TCR publishes materials submitted by leading scholars from across the United States and around the world.

The Gottesman Libraries

The Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College hold one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive research collections in the field of education. The library provides a wealth of source materials for advanced study and research in education, psychology, and the health professions. The library collection is comprehensive in American elementary and secondary education, and in such subject areas as psychology, particularly applied psychology, educational administration, the history and philosophy of education, guidance, special education, higher and adult education, speech and language pathology and audiology, health and nursing education, nutrition, curriculum and teaching, communications and computing technology, recreation, and international and comparative education.

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