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Howard A. Williams

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

Implicit Attribution, Journal of Pragmatics 42 (2010).

Linguistics in Language Teaching.  In L.Brinton (2010, 2nd ed.; original ed. 2001), The Structure of Modern English.  Philadelphia: Benjamins.

A new take on the 'form, meaning, use' distinction. TESOL Higher Education Interest. Section Newsletter (5/07).

Maths in the Grammar Classroom. ELT Journal 60:1 (1/2006).

Lexical frames and reported speech. ELT Journal 68:3 (7/2004).

M.Celce-Murcia & D.Larsen Freeman (1999), The Grammar Book: An ESL/EFL Teacher's Course.  Boston: Heinle. (authored five chapters)

biographical information

Howard Williams received M.A. degrees in Linguistics and TESOL from the University of Washington and a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics at UCLA.  After first teaching English overseas, he taught in various community colleges in Washington and California and in the California State University system before arriving at TC.  His interests are in general linguistics with a particular focus on syntax, pragmatics, and pedagogical grammar.  His main current area of linguistic research is reported discourse.

principal publications

A&HL 4003: Schools of linguistic analysis

This course offers a comparative examination of major approaches to linguistics analysis, specifically systemic and transformational, with particular reference to pedagogical applications. Special fee: $15.


A&HL 4085: Pedagogical English grammar

A systematic, in-depth examination of English grammar with particular reference to the teaching and learning of grammar. Special fee: $15.

A&HL 4101: Phonetics and phonology

An examination of the sound and orthographic systems of English, with reference to other languages and problems of learning and teaching English.

A&HL 4106: Text and textuality

Permission of instructor. Explores various viewpoints on the production and comprehension of connected discourse, both written and oral, with reference to cohesive devices, rhetorical structures, and the general pragmatics of communication, with attention to pedagogical applications. Offered spring semester only. Special fee: $15.

A&HL 5085: Advanced syntax

Prerequisite: A&HL 4085. Survey of generative syntax. Special fee: $15.