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Henry Landau

Professional Background

Educational Background

A.B., Harvard University (1953) summa cum laude
NSF Fellowship, University of Paris (1953 - 1994)
A.M., Harvard University (1955)
Ph.D., Harvard University (1957)

Scholarly Interests

Fourier Analysis
Moment Problems

Selected Publications

Prediction and the Inverse of Toeplitz Matrices, Israel Gohberg and H. J. Landau, Approximation and Computation, Int.
Series of Numerical Mathematics, R. Zahar (editor), Birkhauser, Boston, 119 (1995), pp. 219–230.

Random Multiplication Approaches Uniform Measure in Finite Groups, A. Abrams, H.J. Landau, Z. Landau,
J.Pommersheim, E. Zaslow, Journal of Theoretical Probability, 20(1), March, 2007

Evasive random walks and the clairvoyant demon, A. Abrams, H.J. Landau, Z. Landau, J. Pommersheim, E. Zaslow,
Random Structures and Algorithms, 20(2):239-248, 2002

An iterated random function with Lipschitz number one, Aaron Abrams, H.J. Landau, Z. Landau, James Pommersheim,
Eric Zaslow, Theory of Probability and its Applications, 47(2):286-300, 2002

Gabor Time-Frequency Lattices and the Wexler-Raz Identity, Ingrid Daubechies, H. J. Landau and Zeph Landau,
J.Fourier Analysis and Appl., (4):437-478, 1995

The Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Real Symmetric Toeplitz Matrices, H. J. Landau, J. Amer. Math. Soc., 7:3 (1994),
pp. 749–767.

On the Density of Phase-Space Expansions, H. J. Landau, IEEE Trans. on Information Theory, IT-39:4 (1993),
pp. 1152–1156.


MSTM 5030: Topics in probability theory

Simple, compound, and conditional probabilities and applications. Doctoral students should register for MSTM 6030.

MSTM 5034: Topics in analysis

Real or complex functions and their properties. Doctoral students should register for MSTM 6034.

MSTM 6030: Advanced topics in probability theory

Open only to doctoral students. Emphasis on proof and advanced applications.

MSTM 6034: Advanced topics in analysis

Open only to doctoral students. Advanced study of real or complex functions.