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Isaac Robert Galatzer-Levy

Professional Background

Educational Background

I teach courses in research methods in the Clinical Psychology MA program. I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2010 from the department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University.  Aside from being on the adjunct faculty at Teachers College, I am an Assistant Professor in the NYU Department of Psychiatry, PTSD Research Program.

I research patterns of adaptation in response to potentially traumatic events as well as common stressful life events including bereavement, childbirth, and unemployment.  My work explores biological factors such as the stress-hormonal milieu to broad social factors such as national unemployment rates in an attempt to better understand what impacts common vs. maladaptive patterns of adaptation.


Scholarly Interests

  • Counseling and Clinical Psychology
  • Research Design and Methodology
  • Stress and Coping

Selected Publications

Galatzer-Levy, I.R., Neumeister, A., Henry, S., & Krystal, J. H. (In Press). Neurocircuitry and Neuroplasticity in PTSD, in Handbook of PTSD, M.J. Friedman, T.M. Keane, and P.A. Resick, Editors. In Press, Guilford Press: New York.

Galatzer-Levy, I.R., Brown, A.D, Henn-Haase, C., Metzler, T.J., Neylan, T.C., Marmar, C.R. (2013). Positive and Negative Emotion Prospectively Predicts Trajectories of Resilience and Distress among High Exposure Police Officers. Emotion. 

Galatzer-Levy, I.R., & Bonanno, G.A. (2013) Heterogeneous patterns of stress over four years of college: Association with anxious attachment and ego-resiliency. Journal of Personality.

Galatzer-Levy, I.R., Nickerson, A., Litz, B.T., Marmar, C.M. (2012). Patterns of Lifetime PTSD Comorbidity: A Latent Class Analysis. Depression and Anxiety.

Galatzer-Levy, I.R., Burton, C., Bonanno, G.A. (2012). Coping flexibility, potentially traumatic life events, and resilience: A prospective study of college student adjustment. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

Galatzer-Levy, I.R., Bonanno, G.A. (2012). Beyond normality in the study of bereavement: Individual differences modeling of depression outcomes following loss in older adults. Journal of Social Science and Medicine. 

Galatzer-Levy, I.R., Madan, A., Neylan, T.C., Henn-Haase, C., Marmar, C.R. (2011). Peritraumatic and trait dissociation differentiate police officers with resilient versus symptomatic trajectories of posttraumatic stress symptoms. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 24(5), 557-565.

Galatzer-Levy, I.R., Mazersky, H., Mancini, A.D., Bonanno, G.A. (2011). What we don't expect when expecting: Evidence for heterogeneity in subjective well-being in response to parenthood. Journal of Family Psychology, 25(3), 384-392.

Galatzer-Levy, I.R., Bonanno, G.A., Mancini, A.D. (2010). From Marienthal to latent growth mixture modeling: A return to an individual differences approach in understanding responses to lob loss. Journal of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Economics, 3(2) 116-125.

Galatzer-Levy, I.R. and Galatzer-Levy, R. (2007). The revolution in psychiatric diagnosis: Problems at the foundations. Current Directions in Biology and Medicine, 50(2), 161-180.

CCPX 5533: Research methods in clinical psychology

Permission required. Design, methodology, and artifact in research. Development of research proposals. Critical review of journal articles.