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Jose Eduardo Nanin

Professional Background

Educational Background

Columbia University, Teachers College

Doctor of Education (EdD) in Health Education

Master of Science (MS) in Health Education


National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.

Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)


New York University, School of Education

Master of Arts (MA) in Health Education: Specialization in Human Sexuality Education


New York University, College of Arts and Science

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology and Sociology (double major)



Scholarly Interests

Dr. Nanin's research interests include investigating behavioral and contextual factors affecting the biopsychosocial health of gay/bisexual men and assessing sexual protective and risk behaviors as well as psychological resilience among men of color who have sex with men and other sub-communities of gay and bisexual men. Through his affiliation with CHEST, he serves as a principal investigator on a CDC-funded study exploring content and contexts of HIV prevention communication among Black MSM and members of their social networks. He is also co-investigator on two federally-funded studies focusing on the use of motivational interviewing as an intervention to reduce sexual and drug-related risk behaviors among a) young men who have sex with men and b) women of transgender experience.

Dr. Nann has a wealth of experience in HIV prevention, having worked at GMHC, the Hunter College Center on AIDS, Drugs, and Community Health, and the HIV Training Institute of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Dr. Nann has been trained in motivational interviewing (MI) and MI supervision by the originators of these techniques, Drs. Miller, Rollnick, and Moyers. He has been a trainer in MI for the past 8 years and continues to conduct trainings for CBOs who work with at-risk populations.

Selected Publications

Nanin, J., Bimbi, D., Grov, C. & Parsons, J. (in press). Community reactions to a syphilis prevention campaign for gay and bisexual men in Los Angeles County. Journal of Sex Research.

Nanin, J., Osubu, T., Walker, J., Powell, D., Powell, B., & Parsons, J. (2008). "HIV Is Still Real": Perceptions of HIV testing and HIV prevention among Black men who have sex with men in New York City. American Journal of Men's Health (in press). DOI: 10.1177/1557988308315154.

Nanin, J., Fontaine, Y., and Wallace, B. (2008). Recommendations for researchers and clinicians working at the intersection of the HIV/AIDS and methamphetamine epidemics with MSM. In B. Wallace (ed.). Toward Equity in Health: A New Global Approach to Health Disparities (Chapter 22) (pp. 393-412). New York: Springer Publishing.

Nanin, J., Parsons, J., Bimbi, D., Grov, C. & Brown, J. (2006). Community reactions to campaigns addressing crystal methamphetamine use among gay and bisexual men in New York City. Journal of Drug Education, 36(4), 285-303.

Nanin, J. & Parsons, J. (2006). Club drug use and risky sex among gay and bisexual men in New York City. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy, 10(3/4), 111-122. (Simultaneously published in Crystal Meth and Men Who Have Sex with Men: What Mental Health Care Professionals Need to Know by Milton L. Wainberg, MD, Andrew Kolodny, MD, Jack Drescher, MD, eds.)


active professional organizations

American Public Health Education (APHA)
Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS)

HBSS 4113: Human sexuality education

Explore human sexuality from a variety of perspectives; explore students own attitudes about human sexuality and how they affect them personally and professionally; examine methods of teaching and designing sexuality education programs.

HBSS 4117: HIV/AIDS epidemiology and education

The role of schools, parents, and communities in educating youth about AIDS and human sexuality; review of methods and resource materials for providing such education; consideration of controversial issues surrounding these topics.