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John H Saxman

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.A. in Psychology/Philosophy, San Diego State University; M.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology/Experimental Psychology, Ph.D. in Audiology and Speech Science/Experimental Psychology, Purdue University.

Scholarly Interests

Communication disorders. Phonatory behaviors across the life-span. Experimental Phonetics.

Selected Publications

Introduction to Communication Disorders (Prentice-Hall).

"Acoustic observations in young children's non-cry vocalization" (Journal of the Acoustical Society of America).

"A comparison of selected phonatory behaviors of healthy aged and young adults" (Journal of Speech and Hearing Research).

BBSQ 4040: Speech and language disorders

Discussion of speech and language disorders and of remedial procedures. For speech pathology-audiology majors with-out academic background in speech and hearing and students in language arts, psychology, guidance, special education, childhood education, health education, nursing education, physical and occupational therapy, and dental hygiene.

BBSQ 4900: Rsch-Indp Stdy-Lng-Sp Path-Aud

BBSQ 5332: Therapy Practicum: Regular clinic

Observation and practice in speech and language therapy at the Speech and Hearing Center and at related field facilities. Weekly lecture on principles of speech and language therapy (three semesters). Majors enroll until practicum requirements for the M.S. degree are completed. Special fee: $150.

BBSQ 5941: Research needs and methods in speech-language pathology and audiology

Permission required. Prerequisite: BBSQ 5940. Required of first-year doctoral students. Development of rationales for doctoral dissertations and projects.

BBSQ 6353: Advanced practice: Teaching

Advanced practice in speech-language pathology and audiology required. Doctoral students are required to register in four sections during their period of candidacy. Observation of faculty during therapy, diagnosis, supervisory, teaching, or research activities and participation in such activities.

BBSQ 6900: Rsch Indp Stdy-Lng-Sp Path-Aud

Rsch Indp Stdy-Lng-Sp Path-Aud

BBSQ 6941: Supervised research in speech-language pathology and audiology

Permission required. Prerequisite: BBSQ 5941. Doctoral candidates are required to enroll in their advisors section for both semesters. Opportunity to design and conduct pilot studies and projects.

BBSQ 7500: Dissertation seminar in speech-language pathology and audiology

Prerequisite: BBSQ 6941. Development of doctoral disser-tations and projects and presentation of plans for approval. Doctoral candidates are required to enroll for one year and must begin the sequence in the fall term immediately following completion of BBSQ 6941.

BBSQ 8900: Dissertation-advisement in speech-language pathology and audiology

Prerequisite: BBSQ 7500. Individual advisement on doctoral dissertations. Fee to equal 3 points at current tuition rate for each term. For requirements, see section in catalog on Continuous Registration for Ed.D./Ph.D. degrees.

Centers and Projects

Edward D. Mysak Clinic for Communication Disorders

Edward D. Mysak Clinic for Communication Disorders

The Edward D. Mysak Clinic for Communication Disorders is an integral part of the graduate training program in speech and language pathology at Teachers College.  The Clinic offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to individuals of all ages with communication disorders. 

Services are provided by program faculty and supervisory staff who hold national and state certification in their respective areas.  Qualified graduate students provide or assist in the provision of these services under the direct supervision of the faculty and staff.

The graduate program in Speech and Language Pathology at Teachers College is accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association.  Academic concentrations leading to certifications include the Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD) and the Bilingual Extension to the TSSLD, both of which are registered with the New York State Education Department.