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John M. Broughton

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.A., M.A., Cambridge University; Ph.D., Harvard University

Scholarly Interests

Cultural studies. Education and violence. Masculinity and war. Unconscious fantasies about technology. Youth subcultures. Cinema as educator. Achievement Gap in Humanities/Arts

Selected Publications

Critical Theories of Psychological Development (Plenum Press).
"Smart weapons and military TV" (Technoscience and Cyberculture).
"The experience of the father" (Insights).
"Hollywood ultraviolence as educator" (Psychoanalysis and Education).
"What the transgender child teaches us." (Bank Street College Occasional Papers).

A&H 4061: Introduction to cultural studies

Professor Broughton.  Theory, method, and research in the emerging field of cultural studies in education. Mass culture and school culture as learning environments interpreted from arts and humanities perspectives: structuralism/poststructuralism, semiotics, discourse and film analysis, psychoanalysis, ideology-critique, identity politics, feminism, queer theory. Special fee $35.

A&H 4065: Media and Gender

Professor Broughton. The education of boys and girls in the new audio-visual literacies. Critical responses to the new media and the dominance of screen/image in learning. Flexibility of teaching required for male and female learning styles and non-normative genders/sexualities. Special fee $35.

A&HF 4900: Independent study in philosophy and education

Permission of instructor required.

A&HF 6900: Advanced research in philosophy and education

Permission of instructor required. For doctoral students in Philosophy and Education only.

A&HF 7500: Dissertation seminar in philosophy and education

Permission of instructor required. Required of doctoral students in the semester following successful completion of the doctoral certification process or in the semester in which the student defends the dissertation proposal, whichever comes first.

A&HF 8900: Dissertation advisement in philosophy and education

Permission of instructor required. Individual advisement on doctoral dissertations. For requirements, see section in catalog on Continuous Registration for Ed.D./Ph.D. degrees. Fee to equal 3 points at current tuition rate for each term.

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