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John P. Allegrante

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.S., State University of New York, Cortland; M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois

Scholarly Interests

Health behavior, disease self-management, and health outcomes in chronic disease. Health education in schools and patient-care settings. Health promotion policy. Interdisciplinary applied behavioral research in clinical epidemiology and health services research. Global health promotion and health education workforce development and capacity.

Selected Publications

Kristjansson, A.L., Sigfusson, J., Sigfusdottir, I.D., & Allegrante, J.P. (2013). Data collection procedures for school-based surveys among adolescents:  The Youth in Europe Study. Jounral of School Health, 83, 662-667.

Allegrante, J.P , & Livingood, W.C. (2013). IOM report redefines assessment of community-based prevention. Health Education & Behavior, 40, 3-5.  

Peterson, J.C., Charlson, M.E., Hoffman, Z., Wells, M., Wong, S.C., Hollenberg, J., Jobe, J., Boschert, K., Isen, A., & Allegrante, J.P. (2012). Positive affect induction increases physical activity in percutaneous coronary intervention patients. Archives of Internal Medicine, 172, 329-336.

Schoenthaler, A., Allegrante, J.P., Chaplin, W., & Ogedegbe G. (2012). The effect of patient-provider communication on medication adherence in hypertensive black patients: Does race concordance matter? Annals of Behavioral Medicine, Jan 20. [Epub ahead of print].

Green, L.W., & Allegrante, J.P. (2011). Healthy People 1980-2020: Raising the ante decennially or just the name from public health education to health promotion to social determinants? Health Education & Behavior, 38, 558-562.

Livingood, W., Allegrante, J.P., Airhihenbuwa, C.O., Clark, N.M., Windsor, R.C., Zimmerman, M.A., & Green, L.W. (2011). Applied social and behavioral science to address complex health problems. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 41, 525-531.

Eidsdottir, S.T., Kristjansson, A.L., Sigfustottir, I.D., Garber, C.E., & Allegrante, J.P. (2010). Trends in body mass index among Icelandic adolescents and young adults from 1992 to 2007. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 7, 2191-2207.

Kristjansson, A.L., James, J.E., Allegrante, J.P., Sigfusdottir, I.D., & Helgason, AR. (2010). Adolescent substance use, parental monitoring, and leisure-time activities: 12-year outcomes of primary prevention in Iceland. Preventive Medicine, 51,168-171.

Allegrante, J.P., Barry, M.M., Airhihenbuwa, C.O., Auld, M.E., Collins, J.L., Lamarre, M.-C., Magnusson, G., McQueen, D.V., & Mittelmark, M.B., On Behalf of the Galway Consensus Conference. (2009). Domains of core competency, standards, and quality assurance for building global capacity in health promotion: The Galway Consensus Conference. Health Education & Behavior, 36, 476-482.

Allegrante, J.P., Barry, M.M., Auld, M.E., Lamarre, M.-C., & Taub, A. (2009). Toward international collaboration on credentialing in health promotion and health education:  The Galway Consensus Conference. Health Education & Behavior, 36, 427-438.

Allegrante, J.P., Peterson, J.C., Boutin-Foster, C., Ogedegbe, G., & Charlson, M.E. (2008). Multiple health-risk behavior in a chronic disease population:  What behaviors do people choose to change?  Preventive Medicine, 46, 247-251.

Eidsdottir, S.T., Kristjansson, A.L., Sigfusdottir, I.D., & Allegrante, J.P. (2008). Trends in physical activity and participation in sports clubs among Icelandic adolescents.  European Journal of Public Health, 18, 289-293.





biographical information

HBSS 4100: Behavior & Social Science Foundations of Health Education

Determinants of health; relationship between health and human behavior; the role of health education as a strategy in health promotion and disease prevention; selected issues and problems.

HBSS 4112: Social policy and prevention

Analysis of current national health policy, its social, economic, and political determinants, and implications for health education.

HBSS 4901: Research and independent study in health education

Permission required. Research and independent study under faculty direction. Proposals must have prior approval of a faculty member.

HBSS 5408: Practicum in individual health advisement

Individual and small group practice in the application of basic principles of counseling in the area of health problems.

HBSS 5410: Practicum in health education

Permission required. Advance registration required in the semester prior to taking the course. Intensive field experience in a community setting. Essay required at end of field experience.

HBSS 6510: Research seminar in health education

Permission required. Review of research literature, methods, and problems in health education.

HBSS 6901: Research and independent study in health education

Permission required. Open to matriculated doctoral students. Research and independent study under faculty direction. Proposals must have prior approval of a faculty member.

HBSS 7501: Dissertation seminar in health education

Permission required. Open to certified doctoral candidates only. Development and presentation of doctoral dissertation proposals.

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