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James Richard Long

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

A&HA 4093: Introduction to sculpture and mixed media

An exploration into the world of the third dimension through both figurative and abstract styles. There will be studio experimentation and discussion around working with wood, clay, stone, plaster and metal. Special fee: $100. Noncredit fee: $660 plus special fee.

A&HA 5093: Advanced Sculpture: Mixed Media

 Permission of instructor required. Further studies of sculptural elements with an emphasis on content, craft, and individual development. Special fee: $100. Noncredit fee: $660 plus special fee.

A&HA 6902: Studio Work in Art and Education: Sculpture

Permission of instructor required. Enrollment limited. For advanced independent study. Noncredit for majors only. Special fee: $100.