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Julia Sheehy

Professional Background

Educational Background

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

Scholarly Interests

Eating disorders

Challenges to female mental health, especially during emerging adulthood

Clinical training

Selected Publications

Sheehy, J.  (2014).  Book review of "Women's Bodies in Psychoanalysis."  Rosemary Balsam. Psychoanalytic Psychology.  

Sheehy, J.  (2013). Eating Disorders.  Epidemiology of Women's Health.  Ruby Stein (Ed.)  New York: Jonas & Bartlett.  

Sheehy, J. (2009).  Book review of "Bodies in Treatment: the Unspoken Dimension."  Francis Sommers Anderson (Ed.)  Psychoanalytic Psychology

Sheehy, J., & Commerford, M.  (2006).  Eating Disorders.  College Mental Health Practice.  Paul Grayson and Philip Meilman (Eds.) New York:  Brunner Routeledge. 

Sheehy, J.  (Spring, 2005).  Wedding Cake:  Eating Before Meaning.  Eating Disorders:  The Journal of Treatment and Prevention.   

Smith, L., Baluch, S., Bernebei, S., Robohm, J., & Sheehy, J.  (Spring, 2003).  Applying a social  justice framework to college center practice.  Journal of College Counseling, 6 (1), 3-13.  

Sheehy, J.  (Winter, 2002).  Forging a Lifeline.  Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention, 10 (4), 345-350.


Documents & Papers

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