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Keville C Frederickson

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.S., Columbia University; M.Ed., Columbia University, Teachers College; Ed.D., Columbia University, Teachers College

Scholarly Interests

Nursing theory development, Roy adaption model, Nursing research, Adolescent risk behaviors: violence, tobacco and alcohol use

Selected Publications

Lunney, M, Frederickson, K, Frasier, A. McDuffie, G (2008) Facilitating
critical thinking through online courses, Journal for Asynchronous
Learning Networks 12:3-4.

Barrone, S. Roy C & Frederickson, K (2008) Instruments utilized as
measurements for Roy adaptation model-based research: Critique, examples
and future directions, Nursing Science Quarterly, 21: 353-362.

Frederickson, K & Whetsell, M (2007) Adaptations: The Glass Menagerie as example. Nursing Science Quarterly.

Baker, C, Frederickson, K & Gallegos, E (2007) Empowerment among Latina nurses in Indiana, Mexico, and New York: A cross-national pilot study. International Journal of Nursing.

Frederickson, K, Rivas, V, Whetsell, M & Tallier, P (2005) Cross cultural analysis for conceptual understanding: English and Spanish perspectives. Nursing Science Quarterly, 18 (4), 286-92.

Kleiman, S., Frederickson, K. & Lundy, T. (2004) Education for cultural competence: Integration of theories. Nursing Education Perspectives, 25 (5), 238-244.

Frederickson, K (2003) Opportunities in Nursing, 4th Edition, NY: McGraw-Hill.

Gagliardi, B. & Frederickson, K. (2002) Perceptions of quality of life and adaptation among persons with Multiple Sclerosis: A qualitative study, Nursing Science Quarterly 15(3), 230-236.

Rudan, V. & Frederickson, K. (2000) Report of research: Why nurses do not select nursing administration. Journal Nursing Administration, 30(4):157-159.

office hours

ORLN 5000: Nursing science

Prerequisite: ORLN 4005. Examination of emerging issues in nursing research and healthcare. Relevance to theory development and health policy are emphasized.

ORLN 6540: Dissertation design development

Permission required. Prerequisites: ORLN 4005, ORLN 5005, ORLN 5043, statistics, and certification. Required of all doctoral candidates. Group critique of dissertation proposals; focus on beginning to intermediate aspects of analysis of theory and research design. This course may be repeated as often as necessary until the student is ready for the departmental examination. Once ORLN 6540 is taken, continuous fall/spring enrollment in this course or in ORLN 8900 is required until the semester during which the departmental examination is held.

Keville C Frederickson appeared in the following articles:

Fall Convocation: Looking to the Future (9/1/1998)