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Lawrence T. DeCarlo

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.A. (Psychology) SUNY at Stony Brook; M.S. (Biostatistics) Columbia University; Ph.D. (Psychology) SUNY at Stony Brook

Scholarly Interests

Statistical modeling of psychological processes, measurement, latent class analysis, categorical data analysis, structural equation modeling, multilevel and longitudinal data analysis, item response theory.

Selected Publications


HUDM 4050: Introduction to measurement

An introduction to basic concepts and issues in measurement. Descriptive statistics, scales of measurement, norms, reliability, validity. Advantages and limitations of measurement techniques are discussed and illustrated.

HUDM 5059: Psychological measurement

Open to doctoral and Ed.M. students in psychology; others only by permission. A previous course in statistics or measurement is recommended. An in-depth examination of measurement and associated techniques, norms, classical test theory, reli-ability, validity, item response theory, issues, and applications.

HUDM 6030: Multilevel longitudinal data analysis

Prerequisite: HUDM 5122. Multilevel models include a broad range of models called by various names, such as random effects models, multi-level models, and growth curve models. This course introduces the background and computer skills needed to understand and utilize these models.

HUDM 6055: Latent structure analysis

Permission required. Prerequisite: HUDM 5122. Recommended: HUDM 6122. Study of latent structure analysis, including measurement models for latent traits and latent classes, path analysis, factor analysis, structural equations, and categorical data analysis.

HUDM 6122: Multivariate analysis I

Permission required. Prerequisite: HUDM 5122 or equivalent; HUDM 5123 is recommended. An introduction to multivariate statistical analysis, including matrix algebra, general linear hypothesis and application, profile analysis, principal components analysis, discriminant analysis, and classification methods.

Documents & Papers

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