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Maxine Greene

Professional Background

Educational Background

PhD (1955) and M.A. (1949) from New York University and a B.A. from Barnard College, Columbia University (1938) in addition to nine honorary degrees from universities across the country.

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

Books Include

*  Variations on a Blue Guitar (Teachers College Press, 2001)
*  Releasing the Imagination - Essays on Education, the Arts and Social Change (Jossey Bass Publishers, 1995)
*  The Dialectic of Freedom (Teachers College Press, 1988)
Landscapes of Learning (Teachers College Press, 1978)

*  Teacher as Stranger: Educational Philosophy in the Modern Age (Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1973)
Existential Encounters for Teachers (Random House, 1967)
*  The Public School and the Private Vision (Random House, 1963)

Monographs include

*  Active Learning and Aesthetic Encounters (Talks at the Lincoln Center Institute, NCREST, 1994)
*  A Teacher Talks to Teachers: Perspectives on the Lincoln Center Institute (Lincoln Center, 1980)
*  Education, Freedom and Possibility (Russell Lecture, 1975)

Please visit Dr. Greene's web site for a detailed listing:

biographical information

A&HF 4092: Education and the aesthetic experience

An invitation to engage with works of art which challenge conventional ways of thinking and perceiving; consideration of the relation of art, imagination, and education.

A&HF 4900: Independent study in philosophy and education

Permission of instructor required.

A&HF 5596: Topics in educational ethics and moral philosophy

For doctoral students, especially in Philosophy and Education; master's students by permission of instructor. Topics vary but may include any of the following: the moral sources of educational aims, the nature of ideals, the ethics of teaching, moral education, and meta-ethics.

A&HF 5681: Colloquium in existentialism and education

A study of selected writings in existentialism and their implications for education.

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