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Monica Coen Christensen

Professional Background

Educational Background

  • B.A., Dartmouth College
  • M.A., Ed.M., Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University

Scholarly Interests

Student cultures in higher education
Student development theory
Theories of student engagement
Transfer students, first year students &  veterans
Practice in student affairs

Selected Publications

Publications & Presentations:

Person, D. R. & Christensen, M. C. (1996). Understanding black student culture and black student retention. NASPA Journal, 34 (1), 47-56.

Christensen, M. C. (February 2012). Student Cultures and Student Affairs Work in US Higher Education.  Presentation to a delegation of officials from Jinan University of Guangzhou, China, New York, NY.

Christensen, M. C. (February 2012).  Student Development Theory and US Higher Education. Presentation to a delegation of officials from Jinan University of Guangzhou, China, New York, NY

Christensen, M. C., Frazier, A. & Ratner, J. (February 2012). Around the world and back: a glass half full look at veterans on campus.   NYU Student Affairs Conference, New York, NY.

Christensen, M. C. (January 2012). Practical applications of student development theory. In-service training at the citywide meeting of the CUNY Council of Student Life Directors, City Technical College, Brooklyn, NY.

Christensen, M. C. (April 2011). Keynote address, SMART to Finish Symposium, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY

Christensen, M. C. & Willoughby, G. C. (March 2011).  Veterans of the U.S. armed forces: Promoting development and success.  Presentation delivered at the ACPA national conference, Baltimore, MD

Christensen, M. C. (November, 2009) Looking through the student culture lens.  In-service training at the citywide meeting of the CUNY Directors of Student Activities, New York,  NY

Christensen, M.C. (March, 2009) Assessing new student needs at an urban commuter college. Presentation delivered at the NASPA national conference, Seattle, WA.

Christensen, M. C. (June, 2008). Two lenses: Understanding students through developmental psychology and collective cultural meaning-making. In-service training at the Queens College Retreat, Glen Cove, NY.

Willoughby, G.C., Stursa, S. A. & Christensen, M. C. (2008, May). Transforming a transfer program: Research and leadership for student success.  Presentation delivered at City University of New York Regional Student Affairs Conference, Jamaica, NY.

Willoughby, G. C., Christensen, M. C. & Stursa, S. A. (2008, March ). Transforming a transfer program: A student-centered approach.  Presentation delivered at Chart A Course for Student Success, the NASPA national conference,Boston, MA.

Christensen, M. C., Willoughby, G. C. & Stursa, S.A. (2008, February).  Transfer student learning and success reconsidered. Presentation delivered at the Student Affairs Conference at NYU, New York, NY.

Christensen, M. C. (2007, March).  College student development.  Lecture conducted for Fulbright Program, Russia Institute of International Education, New York, New York.

Christensen, M. C. (2007, March) Student affairs officers as educators and community builders. Lecture conducted for Fulbright Program, Russia Institute of International Education, New York, New York.

ORLH 4041: Student personnel administration: Organization, functions, and issues

Permission required. An introduction to various forms of organization and functions: multidisciplinary foundations, including historical and philosophical foundations and conceptual and research contributions from the behavioral and social sciences.

ORLH 4042: Student personnel administration: Programs and services

A survey of programs and services typical of American colleges and universities. Includes contemporary issues of concern to student personnel administrators.

ORLH 5241: Observation and supervised fieldwork in higher and postsecondary education

Permission required. Students reserve two days a week for work in colleges. A seminar integrates field practices with course theory. Required of all students doing an internship.

ORLH 5522: Advanced professional seminar: Contemporary Student Issues and Policies

Intensive analysis of selected problems and issues in postsecondary education. The course is intended for practicing professionals in postsecondary education as well as majors in the program. Other students in the college who wish to enroll should obtain permission of the instructor.

ORLH 5524: Advanced professional seminar: An analysis of student cultures

Critical analysis of selected research reports pertaining to the student cultures. The focus is on the purposes of each study, the question(s) asked, the assumptions and theories upon which the research is based, the sources of data, the method(s) of data collection, the conclusions and interpretations developed, and the relevance of the research to student personnel in particular and to higher education in general.

ORLH 5525: Advanced professional seminar: College student development theories

Course focuses on college student development theories and their application to higher education. Primary areas of focus include: (1) intellectual and ethical developmental theory, individual development models, learning styles models, and theories of cultural identity, (2) ethical considerations using theory in practice, and (3) critique of theories from a variety of research perspectives.

ORLH 8900: Dissertation advisement in higher education

Individual advisement on doctoral dissertations. Fee to equal 3 points at current tuition rate for each term. For requirements, see section in catalog on Continuous Registration for Ed.D./Ph.D. degrees.