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Melissa Scollan-Koliopoulos

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Diabetes-related health behavior and education and training of health professionals on diabetes care.

Selected Publications



2004   Sigma Theta Tau, Small Grant Award,  Multigenerational legacies of Diabetes

and Adaptation, A  Doctoral Dissertation, Teachers College Columbia University.


2005   Nursing Education Alumni Association Postdoctoral research Award & UMDNJ- School of Nursing Institutional Support, Context and Substance of Multigenerational Legacies of Diabetes.  Principal investigator.  The goal of this study is to establish what types of  multigenerational legacies of diabetes individuals may have in the context of a multigenerational occurrence of type 2 diabetes in the family.


2003-2005  NIH Grant  NIDDK-20541, PI Dr. Elizabeth Walker, Diabetes Research and Training Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY.


     2007    UMDNJ Foundation Grant, $38,000. Multigenerational Legacies of Diabetes  

                and Decision-making, Role: PI


     2008  International Diabetes Federation, $65,000, Tailored Intervention for Inpatients:  

              Transitional Care Coordinator versus Conventional Care. Role: PI

HBSS 4120: Topics in health education

Review and synthesis of current knowledge on a selected topic related to health, such as teenage suicide, child abuse, violence, teenage pregnancy, and mental health.