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Patricia Martinez Alvarez

Professional Background

Educational Background

Ph.D.                   2008 George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.

                             Instructional Technology & Multilingual/Multicultural Special Education

M.A.                    2001 George Washington University, Washington, DC.

                            Curriculum and Teaching & Bilingual Special Education

B.A.                     1996 Alcala de Henares University, Madrid, Spain.

                             Special Education & Speech and Language 

Scholarly Interests

Bilingual Education
Bilingual Special Education 
Culture and Language 
Teaching Language through Content
Funds of Knowledge of Bilinguals in Earth Science

Selected Publications

A&HB 4020: Foundations of Bilingual Special Education

This course examines the interaction between disability and bilingualism through the lifespan and across home, school, work, and other life contexts. It draws on theories and practices from linguistics, bilingual education, the literatures of disability rights, and the teaching of students with disabilities.

A&HB 4021: Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education

Review of the linguistic, socio-cultural, philosophical, political, and historical foundations that have shaped bilingual education policies, program models, and teaching and assessment practices. Analysis of how diverse bilingual education program models throughout the world respond to different linguistic, social, and educational goals.

A&HB 4075: Cross-Cultural Communication and Classroom Ecology

Examination of the influence of culture in the design and implementation of school instruction. Identification of salient theoretical issues related to culture and social organization as they relate to the education of ethnolinguistic and minoritized children. Exploration of the learning/teaching processes within the context of multicultural and bilingual classroom settings from a cultural perspective. Reflection upon the role of the teacher in creating cultural learning environments. Survey of research approaches which serve as tools to examine classroom interaction.

A&HB 4199: Current topics in Bilingualism and Bilingual/Bicultural Education

The syllabus will be handed out in class.