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Robert Joseph Monson

Professional Background

Educational Background

  • B.A., College of St. Thomas
  • M.A., College of St. Thomas
  • Ph.D., St. Louis University

Scholarly Interests

Accountability Systems.

Public engagement.

Secondary Schools.

Standards-based curriculum reform. 

Professional development for teachers and leaders.

Selected Publications

  • "Schools as Communities" (ASED video) Guided by Performance: Building Stronger Bridges Between Curriculum, Learning, and Assessment (1998). Zephyr Press.

office hours

By appointment.

C&T 4005: Principles of teaching and learning

Examination of the relationships among teaching, learning, and assessment; teaching as a profession; and schools as complex social organizations.

ORLA 5029: Supervision of teaching and learning

This course draws upon the research literature in human resources management and emphasizes best practice in the recruitment, hiring, mentoring, professional development, and evaluation of teachers including the termination of incompetent teachers. The course uses problem-based units on teacher recruitment and hiring, role playing on effective mentoring, video evaluations of teacher practices, and strategies for removing incompetent teachers.

ORLA 5532: Program development: Teaching, learning, and assessment

Centers and Projects

The Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished Public School Principals