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Ray Marks

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

HBSS 4001: Health provider communications

Emphasizes and reviews the importance of effective communications and health literacy in promoting health of diverse communities. Effective communication strategies and approaches that foster self-management and health status are covered.

HBSS 5111: Planning health education programs

Process of developing social, epidemiological, behavioral, and educational diagnoses; principles of planning, implementing, and evaluating health education interventions.

HBSS 5112: Social marketing and health communications

Principles and theories of marketing and communication applied to health education. Practice in developing and evaluating health communications.

HBSE 6001: Research in special education

Permission required. Prerequisites: HUDM 4122 and HUDM 4123. Instruction in the development, conduct, and reporting of research. Student research studies. All doctoral students in Special Education in Health and Behavior Studies must take all courses in this sequence which are as follows: HBSE 6001(2) - Research and experimental design, HBSE 6003(2) Qualitative approaches, and HBSE 6005(2) Single case experimental designs. Special fee: $30 per course.