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Robin Stern

Professional Background

Educational Background

1973    B. A.    New YorkUniversity

1979    M. A.   New School of Social Research

1994    Ph.D.   New YorkUniversity (Applied Psychology/Research Design)


Postdoctoral Training: Certificate program:

1995    PostgraduateCenter for Mental Health, Group Analytic Department, New York

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

The Gaslight Effect:  How People Drive you Crazy and What you can do about it.  In preparation, Random House, pub date: 2007.


Shelton, C. & Stern, R. (2003) Understanding Emotions in the Classroom.  National Professional Resources, New York.


Pellitteri, J., Stern, R., Ackerman, B. & Shelton, C. (2005) Emotionally Intelligent School Counseling. Lawrence Erlbaum Publishing.


Stern, R., Moretti,  F. & Repa,T. (2003). Digital Technologies Enter the Classroom, in SmartSchool Leaders, Janet Patti and James Tobin, Kendall Hunt.


Stern, R. & Moretti, F. Social and Emotional Learning in the Year 2000.  Prepared for (on-line magazine).


Stern, R. & Rosenzweig, D.  (2001)  Risky Business.  Flair.  Spring 2001: Vol. 3, Issue 1.


Stern, R. & Repa, T.  (1999) Columbine's Challenge: A Call to Pay Attention to Our Students.  Voices from the Middle. 7(1):34-36.  (To be reprinted in forthcoming journal.)


Stern, R. (1999) Hormone Driven Kids: A Call for Social and Emotional Learning in the Middle School Years.  Voices from the Middle. 7(1)3-8.


Stern, R.  & Pellitteri, J. (1999) Music: The Sounds of Emotional Intelligence.  Voices from the Middle. 7(1):25-29.


Stern, R. & Moretti, F. (1999).  Digital Technologies: New Opportunities for Social and Emotional Learning.  NYC Challenge- The Journal of the NYCASCD: 37-39.


Stern, R. & Rankin, C. (1999)  Subtitles:  Reading Behind the Words.  Flair.  Spring 1999: premier issue.

active professional organizations

Dr. Stern does on-going consultation with the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership (, the Leadership Center at Hunter College (, Educators for Social Responsibility (, Project EXSEL (, and other educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and socially-responsible businesses.

current projects

Dr. Stern is presently working on a book on emotional abuse, as well as developing an original model of emotional intelligence coaching with Dr. Janet Patti, professor of education at Hunter College.

In addition, she is conducting a comprehensive study on emotional intelligence and faculty development at The School @ Columbia University.

honors and awards

2004 The Victoria Woodhull Award

professional presentations

Please see curriculum vitae.

curriculum vitae


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