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Stuart Allan Weinberg

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

MSTM 4005: Teaching mathematics in diverse cultures

Principles, techniques, and issues in the teaching of mathematics in other cultural and national settings. Study tour of schools and institutions in various nations.

MSTM 4760: Student teaching in mathematics

Permission required. Prerequisite: MSTM 5011. Open only to students enrolled in the pre-service program. Students do supervised teaching in metropolitan area schools.

MSTM 5011: Mathematics in the secondary school

Problems, issues, and methods in the teaching and supervision of secondary school mathematics. Includes field experiences. Required for preservice students.

MSTM 5035: Topics in mathematical modeling

Simulation, information theory and coding, stochastic models, probabilistic systems, simple harmonic motion.  Topics vary between natural sciences and behavioral sciences.

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