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Susan H. Fuhrman

Professional Background

Educational Background

Dr. Fuhrman earned a B.A. in History, with highest honors, from Northwestern University in 1965; an M.A. in History from Northwestern University in 1966; and a Ph.D. in Political Economy from Teachers College, Columbia University in 1977. She wrote her dissertation at Teachers College on "The Classification of Roll Call Votes in New Jersey."

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Fuhrman's research interests include state policy design, accountability, deregulation, and intergovernmental relationships. She has also conducted research on state education reform, state-local relationships, state differential treatment of districts, federalism in education, incentives and systemic reform, and legislatures and education policy. She leads and conducts research through the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE), which receives significant support from the U.S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation and private funding sources. 

Selected Publications

Fuhrman, S., Cohen, D., & Mosher, F. (Eds.) (2007). The State of Education Policy Research. Routledge.

Fuhrman, S., & Lazerson, M. (Eds.) (2005). American institutions of democracy. The Institutions of American Democracy series. New York: Oxford University Press.

Fuhrman, S. (2004). "Less than meets the eye: Standards, testing and fear of federal control." In N. Epstein (Ed.), Who's in charge of the schools? The tangled web of education power and policy. Denver andWashington, DC: Brookings Institution Press.

Elmore, R. & Fuhrman, S. (Eds.). (2004). Redesigning accountability. New York: Teachers College Press.

Fuhrman, S. (2003). "Riding waves, trading horses. The twenty-year effort to reform education." In D.T. Gordon (Ed.), A nation reformed? American education 20 years after A Nation At Risk (pp. 7-22).Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.

Fuhrman, S. (2003). Redesigning accountability systems in education. CPRE Policy Briefs. Philadelphia, PA: Consortium for Policy Research in Education.

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Fuhrman, S. & O'Day, J. (Eds.). (1996). Rewards and reform: Creating educational incentives that work. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Inc.

biographical information

Dr. Susan H. Fuhrman is the President of Teachers College, Columbia University, founding Director and Chair of the Management Committee of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE), and former President of the National Academy of Education (2009-2013). In January 2009, she was named co-chair of a new Roundtable on Education Systems and Accountability (RESA), established at the request of the U.S. Department of Education by the National Research Council’s Board on Testing and Assessment.

Dr. Fuhrman previously served as Dean of the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, as well as the school’s George and Diane Weiss Professor of Education. She received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, and a Ph.D. in political science and education from Columbia University, New York.  She has written widely on education policy and finance; among her edited books are The State of Education Policy Research (with David K. Cohen and Fritz Mosher, 2007); The Public Schools (The Institutions of American Democracy Series, with Marvin Lazerson, 2005); Redesigning Accountability Systems for Education (with Richard Elmore, 2004); From the Capitol to the Classroom: Standards-Based Reform in the States (2001); and Rewards and Reform: Creating Educational Incentives that Work (with Jennifer O’Day, 1996).  Her many professional involvements include membership on the Board of Trustees of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. In October 2008, she became President-elect of the National Academy of Education. She is also a former Vice President of the American Educational Research Association, and a former non-executive Director of Pearson plc, the international education and publishing company.  Her research interests include accountability in education, intergovernmental relationships, and standards-based reform.

In 2007, Crain’s New York Business named Dr. Fuhrman one of the 100 most influential women in business in New York City.

In March 2008, Dr. Fuhrman was one of five women honored by New York City Comptroller William Thompson at an event co-sponsored by the Women’s City Club of New York and the League of Women Voters as part of Women’s History Month. Dr. Fuhrman was recognized for her expertise in her field; the respect accorded her by her peers and colleagues; her commitment to serving others; and her demonstrated commitment to making New York City a more vibrant, inclusive and healthy place to live.

Dr. Fuhrman has also received the 2008 Distinguished Leaders in Education Award from the Rutgers Graduate School of Education.

In fall 2008, Dr. Fuhrman became NAE President-elect, and began her four-year term as President of the organization in fall 2009. She was first elected an NAE member in 2002, and became Secretary-Treasurer in 2005. Founded in 1965, NAEd advances the highest quality education research and its use in policy formation and practice. 

active professional organizations

Dr. Susan H. Fuhrman is the President of Teachers College, Columbia University, founding Director and Chair of the Management Committee of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE), and past President of the National Academy of Education. She is a former Vice President of the American Educational Research Association as well as a former Trustee Board member of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and a former non-executive Director of Pearson plc, the international education and publishing company.

honors and awards

Education Update Distinguished Leader in Education Award, 2013.

National Academy of Education, elected to membership in 2002; elected Secretary-Treasurer, 2005; elected President-elect 2008, assumed Presidency, 2009
Ronald F. Campbell Award for a Distinguished Career of Scholarship and Action, Politics of Education Association, 1994
Rutgers University, Supplemental Salary Adjustment awarded in June 1988 in recognition of quality of service to the University; Distinguished Educator Award, 2009.
Northwestern University, B.A. with Highest Honors; Phi Beta Kappa; 1965; Distinguished Alumni award, 2008.

Crain’s NY Business, 100 Most Influential Women in Business,  2007

professional experiences


2009                Co-convenor, U.S./France Policy  Roundtable
2009                C.J. Koh Visiting Professor,  National Institute of Education, Singapore
2009                Participant in inauguration of  the Columbia University Global Centers in Beijing and Amman
2005-2006     Coordinator, Sino-US Education Policy  Roundtable
2004                Coordinator, US/UK Bilateral  Conference on Urban Education
2004-2013     Non-Executive Director, Pearson plc
2003                Chair, OECD Study of Education  Research in Mexico
2003-2007     Coordinator, US/NZ Educational Policy  Roundtable
2002-              Coordinator, CPRE/ National  Institute for Research on Pedagogy (INRP), France Roundtable
2001-2007     Coordinator, US/Thai Education Roundtable
2001-2006     Chair, Steering Committee, Eight Nation  Research Project
1999-2003     Member of the Research Grants Council,  University Grants Commission, Hong Kong
1996                Counselor to the Shanghai  Municipal Education Commission
1996                Expert Consultant to OECD to  review country reviews on policy
1995-2000     Chair, Steering Committee, Six Nation  Educational Research Project
1993-95          Member of Expert Panel, OECD project  on Educational Research and Development
1991                Coordinator, US/Australia  Education Policy Project


2014-                 Member,  Rand Graduate School Board
2014-                 Member,  Goldie Hawn MindUP Foundation Board
2009                  Co-Chair,  Roundtable on Education System Accountability, National  Research Council
2003-2008       Member, Board of Trustees, the Center for  Civic Responsibility
2002-2006       Member, National Coalition on Asia and  International Studies in the Schools
2002-2006       Member, Board of Trustees, the Fund for  New Jersey
2001-2009       Member, Board of Trustees, Carnegie  Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
2001-2005       Member, Council for Corporate and School  Partnerships, Coca-Cola
2000-2005       Member, Advisory Committee, Standard and  Poor’s School Evaluation Service
1999-2001       Co-Chair, National Advisory Panel, Third  International Mathematics and Science Study-Replication.
1998-2001       Member, Board of Overseers, Center for  Education, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences.
1997-98           Member, Education Nominating  Committee, Charles A. Dana Foundation
1997- 2000     Advisory Board, National Institute for  Science Education
1996- 2000     Chair, Technical Advisory Panel,  Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Laboratory
1996-98           Member, Education Commission of the  States/NASDAC/Annenberg Advisory Committee
1996-99           Member, Committee on Education  Finance: Equity, Adequacy, and Productivity, National Research Council,  National Academy of Science
1995-2003      Member, Board of Directors,  Public/Private Ventures
1995-2001      Member, Congressionally Mandated  Independent Review Panel on Title I
1994-98           Member, Education Advisory Panel of  New American Schools Development Corporation
1992-93           Member, National Education Support  System for Teachers and Schools Committee; National Academy of Sciences'  National Research Council
1992                 Member, K-12 Task Force of the  Clinton/Gore Education Department Transition Team
1991                 Member, Standards Task Force,  National Council on Educational Standards and Testing, National Education Goals  Panel
1991-95           Member, National Advisory Board,  National Center for Research on Teacher Learning, Michigan State University
1990-93           Member, National Advisory Panel,  National Center for Educational Leadership, Harvard University
1988-89           Chair, Policy Analysis and Use Panel,  National Assessment of Educational   Progress
1974-83           Consultant in Management and  Financing of Education, Education and Public Policy Program, The Ford  Foundation, New York City


2005-6            Co-Chair, Governor-elect Jon  Corzine’s Education Policy Transition Panel
1993-95          Chair, National Advisory Council,  Delaware’s New Directions Reform Initiative
1991                Member, State of New Jersey Task  Force on Educational Assessment and Monitoring
1984                Consultant to Connecticut  General Assembly Study of the Program Review Committee
1975                Consultant to Governor Carey's  Task Force on School Finance Reform
1974                Consultant to the Connecticut  Commission to Study School Finance and of Educational Opportunity

2000                Member, I Had A Dream Project  Advisory Committee, Plainfield, NJ
1999                Co-Chair, Philadelphia  Mayor-Elect John Street’s Education Program Transition Team
1998-               Co-Chair, West Philadelphia and  University City Public School Cluster Resource Boards, Philadelphia
1998-              Member of Coordinating Committee  for new University of Pennsylvania-assisted Neighborhood Public School, West  Philadelphia.
1995-6            Member, Board of Directors,  Philadelphia Education Fund
1986-92          Member and Vice-President, Board of  Education, Westfield, NJ

Editorial Boards

2003-2004      Member, Editorial Board of Educational  Administration Quarterly
1999-2002     Member, Editorial Advisory Board of  American Education Research Journal
1996-97          Member, Editorial Advisory Board of  Review of Research in Education
1997-2003     Member, Editorial Board of Educational  Evaluation and Policy Analysis
1993-96          Member, Editorial Board of  Educational Administration Quarterly
1991-               Member of the Editorial Board,  Education Policy
1990-95          Member of the Editorial Board, Phi  Delta Kappan
1990                Section editor for Education Policy,  The Encyclopedia of Educational Research

Professional Associations

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management

  • Policy  Council, 1996-2001(elected)
  • 1992  and 1993 Dissertation Award Committee
  • 1990 Program Committee

American  Educational Research Association

  • Member,  Research Advisory Committee, 2005-
  • Member, Consensus Panel on Research on Teacher Education, 2000-2005
  • Vice President, Division “L” -- Policy and Politics, 1998-2000 (elected)
  • Member,  ad hoc committee on AERA public policy positions, 1994
  • Chair, Organization of Institutional Affiliates, 1992
  • Chair,  Organization of Research Centers, 1988-89
  • Member,  Government and Professional Liaison Committee, 1988-93
  • Politics and Education Association, (Special Interest Group of AERA), member-at-large,       1989-90

American  Educational Finance Association

  • Member, Board of Trustees, 1981-83


Books and  Monographs

The State of Education Policy Research, co-edited  with David K. Cohen and Frederick Mosher, Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum  Associates, 2006 forthcoming.
American Institutions of Democracy: The Public Schools, co-edited with  Marvin Lazerson.  New York: Oxford University Press, 2005.
Redesigning Accountability Systems for Education, co-edited with Richard  Elmore. New York: Teachers College Press, 2004.
From the Capitol to the Classroom: Standards-Based Reform in the States, One  Hundredth Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education
,  edited book. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001.
Rewards and Reform: Creating Educational Incentives that Work
, co-edited  with Jennifer O'Day. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Inc., 1996.
The Governance of Curriculum, co-edited with Richard F. Elmore.   Washington, D.C.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development,  1994.
Designing Coherent Education Policy: Improving the System, edited book.  San  Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Inc., 1993.
The Politics of Curriculum and Testing, co-edited with Betty Malen.   Philadelphia: Falmer Press, 1991.
Selected Articles and Book Chapters

“Urban Education Challenges: Is Reform the Answer?” In "Messages  for Educational Leadership: The Constance E. Clayton Lectures 1998-2007"  by Peter Lang Academic Publishing Group, 2011.

“Educational governance in the US.: Where are we?   How did we get here?  Why should we care?,” with Margaret E. Goertz  and Elliot H. Weinbaum, in The State of Education Policy Research, edited by Susan Fuhrman, David K. Cohen and Frederick Mosher.  Mahwah, NJ:  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, forthcoming, 2006.

“The 10th Amendment: Standards, Testing, and Accountability,” in Who’s in Charge of the Schools? The Tangled Web or Education Power and Policy, edited by Noel Epstein, Brookings Institution Press, May 2004.
“Slow Down, You move Too Fast: The Politics of Making Changes in High-Stakes  Accountability Policies for Students,” with Margaret E. Goertz and Mark C.  Duffy, in Redesigning Accountability Systems for Education, co-edited  with Richard Elmore. New York: Teachers College Press, 2004.

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"Understanding Local Control in the Wake of State Education Reform,"  with Richard Elmore.  InEducational Evaluation and Policy Analysis,  1990, 12 (1): 82-96.

professional presentations


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 “Measuring Comprehensive  Reform Model Effectiveness: Schools, Student Learning, and Responsibility” at  the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New  Orleans, LA.  April 25, 2000.

Division L Vice Presidential address, “Education Policy:  What Role for Research?” at the annual meeting of the American Educational  Research Association, New Orleans, LA, April 26, 2000.


Dr. Susan H. Fuhrman leads and conducts research through the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE).  CPRE receives significant support from the U.S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation and private funding sources.  Grant awards to CPRE total nearly $146 million since its founding in 1985, with funding for active projects (2007-present) of over $17 million.

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TC Receives $20 Million Gift From John and Pat Klingenstein (2/29/2008)

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Columbia Students, Faculty Rally Against Hate Crimes (11/5/2007)

Midlarsky and Students Protest Anti-Semitic Incident (11/5/2007)

Suzanne Murphy Named Vice President for Development and External Affairs (10/24/2007)

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Reading Score That Rates a Fourth-Grader "Proficient" in Mississippi Would be a Failing Score in Massachusetts (6/7/2007)

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2006 Annual Report: Questions and Answers on Critical Issues in Education Available (5/11/2007)

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Teachers College Dean Accepts Post at Minnesota (5/30/2006)

GSE Dean Fuhrman Steps Down (5/24/2006)

U. of Penn Education Dean Is New President of Columbia U. Teacher's College (5/20/2006)

Graduate School of Education Dean Susan Fuhrman To Return To Her New York Roots (5/14/2006)

Educator From Penn Will Lead Columbia's Teachers College (5/11/2006)

Susan H. Fuhrman, Authority on School Reform, Is TC's Next President (5/11/2006)

Susan H. Fuhrman, Authority on School Reform, Is Next President of Teachers College, Columbia University (5/9/2006)

Susan H. Fuhrman, Authority on School Reform, Is TC's Next President (5/9/2006)

Fuhrman Leaving As Education School Dean (5/8/2006)

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