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Sandra Schmidt

Professional Background

Educational Background

Ph.D.   Michigan State University
M.A.     University of Michigan
B.A.     Swarthmore College

Scholarly Interests

Geography Education, Critical Social Theory in Geography, Civic Education, Social Studies Education, Postcolonial Theory, Gender and Queer Theory

Selected Publications

Journal Articles (Refereed)

Schmidt, S.J. (2013). Fabricating a nation: The function of national museums in non-racial re-presentation and the national imagination.  Museum Management and Curatorship, 28(3).

Schmidt, S.J. (2012). Am I a woman?: The production of woman in U.S. History. Gender and Education, 24(7), 707-724.

Schmidt, S.J., Chang, S.P., Carolan-Silva, A., Lockhart, J., Anagnostopoulos, D. (2012). Recognition, responsibility, and risk: Pre-service teachers' framing and reframing of lesbian, gay, and bisexual social justice issues.  Teaching and Teacher Education, 28(8), 1175-1184.

Garrett, H.J. & Schmidt, S.J. (2012). Repeating until we can remember: Difficult (public) knowledge in South Africa. Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, 28(1), 191-206

Schmidt, S.J. (2011). Who lives on the other side of that boundary: A model of geographic thinking.  Social Education, 75(5), 250-255.

Schmidt, S.J. & Garrett, H.J. (2011). Reconstituting pessimistic discourses. Critical Arts, 25(3), 423-440.

Schmidt, S.J. (2011). Making space for the citizen in geography education. Journal of Geography, 110(3), 107-119.

Schmidt, S.J. (2011). Theorizing place: Students' navigation of place outside the classroom.  Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, 27(1), 20-35.

Schmidt, S. J. (2010).  Queering social studies: A query of the space for sexual orientation and identity in the social studies. Theory and Research in Social Education, 38(3), 314-335.

Schmidt, S.J. (2010). Bringing the Other closer to home: Geography education in the post-colonial.  Critical Literacy: Theories and Practices, 4(1), 29-47.

Schmidt, S. (2008). Practicing critical democracy: A perspective from students.  Journal of Curriculum and Instruction, 2(1), 38-54.

Book Chapters

Schmidt, S.J. (2012). Queer geography: A query of norms in the social studies.  In T.W. Kenreich (Ed.), Geography and social justice in the classroom (pgs. 129-149).  New York: Routledge. 

Schmidt, S.J. (2012). Let me in: The impact of divergent discourses on research and curricular (re)formation. In E. Meiners & T. Quinn (Eds.), Sexualities in education. New York: Peter Lang.

Schmidt, S.  (2010). Examining privilege in globalization.  In E. Heilman (Ed.), Social studies and diversity education: What we do and why we do it (pp. 202-206)New York: Routledge.

Schmidt, S.J. (2010). Geography education curriculum.  In C. Kridel, W. Schubert, & M.R. Bull (Eds.), Encyclopedia of curriculum studies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Schmidt, S. (2007). Gender gap: The disjuncture between Western-developed policies and their African-determined implementation.  In R. Maboleka (Ed.), Soaring beyond boundaries: Women breaking educational barriers in traditional societies. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

active professional organizations

College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA) of the National Council for the Social Studies

National Council for the Social Studies

American Educational Research Association
Division B - Curriculum
Division G - Social Contexts of Education
Queer Studies SIG
Research in Social Studies SIG

Association of American Geographers

honors and awards

2012-3 Provost's Investment Fund "Merging Landscapes"
2012    Kipchoge Neftali Kirkland Social Justice Paper Award
2011    Outstanding Paper Award from the AERA Queer Studies SIG
2011    AAUW American Fellow
2008    Michigan State University Excellence-In-Teaching Citation

biographical information

A&HW 4039: The United States Constitution: Civic decision making

Professors Marri, Schmidt. Major philosophical foundations, problems preceding and during the convention, the struggle for ratification, detailed examination of the document, important court cases, non-written constitutional traditions, and unresolved constitutional issues. Selected cases from New York State history are highlighted. Satisfies the New York State civics requirement.

A&HW 4530: Seminar for student teachers in social studies

Professors Huth, Patterson, Wylie. Must be taken concurrently with A&HW 4730. Restricted to majors. Includes issues of school safety and health issues in secondary schools.

A&HW 5030: Diversity and the social studies curriculum

Professors Schmidt, Taylor. Curriculum theory and instructional methods related to teaching secondary school social studies in the diverse classroom. Particular attention paid to multicultural issues in urban settings.

A&HW 6030: Research in social studies education

Professor Schmidt. Permission of instructor required. Individual fieldwork in secondary school or introductory college social studies.

A&HW 6503: Doctoral seminar in social studies

Professors Gaudelli, Marri, Schmidt. Seminar focused on doctoral student research and contemporary social studies issues. Beginning doctoral students take the seminar for four consecutive semesters.

A&HW 7503: Dissertation seminar in social studies

Professors Gaudelli, Marri, Schmidt. The purpose of the dissertation seminar is to develop and refine specific topics for dissertation research. Students should enroll in the dissertation seminar beginning only in the semester in which they intend to present their dissertation proposal for departmental review.