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Susan S. Lipkowitz

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

HBSE 4000: Introduction to special education

Offered all terms. Enrollment limited to 25 students. Emphasis is placed on the identification of characteristics of individuals with disabilities and the impact of the characteristics on the learner and family members of the learner. The course is a study of the nature, psychosocial, and educational needs of individuals across the lifespan with physical, mental, emotional, or sensory impairments. Particular attention is placed on the way these special education programs fit, or should fit, into ongoing work in schools. Totally online versions of this course are available for non- HBSE majors in spring and summer A and B terms. Special fee: $25.

HBSE 4001: Teaching students with disabilities in the general education classroom

Problems of educational assessment, curriculum and teaching, organization, and guidance of students with physical, cognitive, affective, and sensory disabilities. Materials fee: $15